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We Speak NYC is a series produced by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to help English language learners improve their language skills while learning about City services and their rights. The episodes tell the stories of New Yorkers who have come from all over the world to make NYC their home, using model English language.

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Shola's Voice
(Topic - Ranked Choice Voting)
Shola's Voice, a We Speak NYC ESL/civics episode, addressing democracy, immigration, bullying and other issues in the context of our challenging times.

Shumi’s Pantry
(Topic - Accessible Social Services)
Viewers learn about social services like SNAP and food pantries through a story told by a college student named Shumi.

The Seed for a Good Life
(Topic - Workforce Preparation)
Viewers learn about ways to prepare for the workforce through the story of Cesar, who lost his job and is in search of a career.

Rolando’s Rights
(Topic - Worker Rights)
Through the stories of a hardworking couple, Rolando and Silvia, viewers can learn about what rights are available to NYC workers.

Making New Friends
(Topic - Elder Care)
Through the stories of Abuelo Luis and his daughter Silvia, viewers can learn about rights and services available to the elderly in NYTC.

Sonam’s Mom
(Topic - Immigration Legal Help)
Through the story of taxi driver Sonam and his mother, who is coming to America for the first time, viewers can learn about free, safe immigration legal resources.

Crossing the Street
(Topic - Pre-K For All)
In this episode, viewers can learn about Pre-K For All through the experiences of Lian, who is trying to become a Pre-K teacher, and Martin, who is looking for a Pre-K for his daughter.

Rafaela’s Test
(Topic - Mental Health)
Viewers learn about NYC Well, a City service available to help people cope with mental health, when Rafaela experiences a panic attack and is taken to the emergency room.