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    Social justice talk show, Brooklyn Savvy, returns for its 20th season. Viewers tuning in follow executive producer and host Toni Williams as she continues the show’s mission to be a beacon of light – building bridges, pushing the needle, and activating social change and justice – which it has done for the past 15 years.

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    NYC Falcons

    Peregrine falcons are the fastest creatures on earth. Still endangered in New York, these birds of prey live amongst us and are coming back!

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NY IN 25

    A big shout-out to hip-hop legend Ralph McDaniels on the 40th anniversary of Video Music Box!
    Here are just a few reasons why this hip-hop legend loves NYC!

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    NYC Media announced the development of a new 13-episode TV series The NYC Field Guide: How to Thrive in the Five, hosted by Emmy-award winner Micaela Birmingham, premiering this spring. The series offers unique tips, hacks & expert information from celebrities, New Yorkers and NYC officials.

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That's So Dope, Hip Hop Beyond Music: Promo
Audio Description: What began as park-jams in the Bronx, New York City, Hip Hop quickly became a global phenomenon. And this year, we’re celebrating Hip Hop 50, y’all! Hip Hop is much more than just music. It’s a lifestyle and culture onto its own. That’s So Dope, Hip Hop Beyond Music spotlights trailblazers who shaped and captured this culture, from B-Boys to bling.

Audio Description: Learn how the NYC Gov channel has become a 24/7 hub for information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get emergency alerts in real time from NotifyNYC and live updates from the Mayor & City officials about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also stay up to date on the most current status of the weather, schools, citywide parking, garbage collection, and buses & subways. Available on Channel 25.2 Over the Air, channel 74 on Spectrum and Altice, channel 24 on FiOS, and channel 81 on RCN.

Audio Description: Take a look at some of the best programming that the NYC Life Channel has to offer, such as Neighborhood Slice, Barefeet in NYC, A Day’s Work, Her Big Idea, Native Dish, $9.99 with Dave Evans, Blueprint New York City, Secrets of New York, Catalyst, and That’s So New York. Available on Channel 25.1 Over the Air, channel 22 on Optimum, channel 525 on Verizon FiOS, channel 1025 on Comcast, and channel 25 on Spectrum, DirecTV, and RCN.

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