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    Join NYC Life for a month-long celebration of Women's History, every Monday and Tuesday night in March.

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    During this unprecedented pandemic, getting accurate information is more critical than ever. Turn to the NYC Gov channel for the most up-to-date official information, 24/7.

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Inside Power Station

    It's the NYC recording studio where Springsteen, Lady Gaga and the cast of Hamilton have recorded iconic albums. Tune in to see how music magic is made within these walls. Fridays at 9pm on NYC Life!

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    The NYC Media app offering the best of NYC life TV programing is now available for phones, media players and smart TVs.

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Audio Description: Did you know WNYE TV, now also called NYC life, started 55 years ago as a way to bring educational programs to the NYC classrooms? In 1967, VHS tapes and YouTube didn’t exist and television was seen as a revolutionary way to enrich the lives of students in all 5 boroughs. Today WNYE reaches a larger audience of all ages with 24/7 programming that aims to inform and entertain millions of New Yorkers about the city we call home.

Audio Description: Learn how the NYC Gov channel has become a 24/7 hub for information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get emergency alerts in real time from NotifyNYC and live updates from the Mayor & City officials about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also stay up to date on the most current status of the weather, schools, citywide parking, garbage collection, and buses & subways. Available on Channel 25.2 Over the Air, channel 74 on Spectrum and Altice, channel 24 on FiOS, and channel 81 on RCN.

Audio Description: Take a look at some of the best programming that the NYC Life Channel has to offer, such as Neighborhood Slice, Barefeet in NYC, A Day’s Work, Her Big Idea, Native Dish, $9.99 with Dave Evans, Blueprint New York City, Secrets of New York, Catalyst, and That’s So New York. Available on Channel 25.1 Over the Air, channel 22 on Optimum, channel 525 on Verizon FiOS, channel 1025 on Comcast, and channel 25 on Spectrum, DirecTV, and RCN.

NYC Media's FCC Public Files can be accessed here:

WNYE TV File and EEO Report
WNYE FM File and EEO Report
Public File Assistance

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NYC Media is a division of The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment.


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