Image of Brindiamo logo with Ornella Fado holding a glass of wine

Brindiamo! celebrates all things Italian as hostess Ornella Fado goes inside some of the City's best Italian restaurants and brings Italian cuisine and lifestyle right into your living room. The show is produced by OK Productions.

About Ornella Fado

Ornella Fado is the founder of OK Productions, the first of its kind production company that features Italian restaurants with a touch of Italian culture, fashion, and tradition. Through multi-media including television shows, DVDs, podcasts, newsletter, and a magazine, OK Productions provides its audience with a multi-faceted experience in all-things Italian, particularly Italian cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients and with highest quality culinary products. With Brindiamo!, viewers get a real behind-the-dining room look at these successful restaurants. Moreover, after seeing the delicious dishes created by the masters, viewers will be inspired to go and enjoy these tantalizing treats by visiting the fine dining establishments that feature them.