BRIC TV presents Brooklyn Made

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NYC Media, in partnership with BRIC TV, has gathered some of the most unforgettable artists, designers and innovators profiled in BRIC TV’s Brooklyn Made docuseries and created a weekly primetime TV series for NYC Life, airing each Wednesday at 9pm. To meet some of these talented artisans and makers, go to Brooklyn Made and find out why Brooklyn is one of the most creative places in the world.

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Wednesdays at 9pm

Episode 1: Jewelry Designing and Vegan Baking
Featured makers include Jewelry Designer Alicia Goodwin, Vegan Baker Hadara Slok, 3D Designer Will Haude, Taxidermy Artist Amber Maykut and Game Designer Thomas Eliot.

Episode 2: Shoe Designing and Poetry
Featured makers include Shoe Designer Keiko Hirosue, Sculptor Shari Mendelson, Painter Estaban Del Valle and members of Climbing PoeTREE.

Episode 3: Instrument Making and Photography
Featured makers include Instrument Makers Critter and Guitari, Tribal Barber Greg Purnell, Photographer Andrew D. Wagner and members of the TruthWorker Theater.

Episode 4: Music Producing and African Drumming
Featured makers include Visual Artists Freddy Rodriguez and Kenseth Armstead, Music Producer Michael Brun, Artist Iliana Emilia Garcia and African Drummer Talu Green.