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What is the difference between shelter and supportive housing? Can I apply to develop both?

Supportive housing is permanent affordable housing with integrated services. All tenants have a lease. Shelter is temporary housing. If you are interested to develop supportive housing, please refer to the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). If you are interested to develop shelter, please refer to the NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS).

I want to develop congregate supportive housing – what are my first steps?

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) awards capital financing and rental assistance to support the development of congregate housing projects. Get more information on HPD financing. For more information or questions about a specific site, contact HPD at

How do I find a non-profit to partner with to develop congregate housing?

There is a vibrant network of providers currently developing, managing, and providing on-site social services in supportive housing. See a list of current NYC 15/15 Providers. Get more information or contact the Supportive Housing Network of New York.

What capital financing programs are available through HPD to support development of congregate supportive housing?

HPD has a variety of loan programs that can fund development of supportive housing, including the Supportive Housing Loan Program.

Is there rental assistance available for tenants in congregate supportive housing?

HPD may be able to provide rental assistance for tenants living in congregate supportive housing building. Specifically, the NYC 15/15 rental subsidy is available to provide project-based rental assistance to eligible households living in units awarded social service funding through HRA’s Request for Proposals for the Provision of Congregate Supportive Housing EPIN: 09617I0006. Visit the NYC 15/15 Rental Assistance Program for more information.

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