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New York City 15/15 Supportive Housing Initiative

In November 2015, Mayor de Blasio announced New York City’s commitment to developing 15,000 units of supportive housing over the next 15 years. The NYC 15/15 Initiative reflects the lessons learned over the last 30 years and incorporates the combined wisdom of the supportive housing community. Read the Supportive Housing Taskforce Recommendations.

Supportive Housing Task Force

In January 2016, Mayor de Blasio assembled a Task Force of 28 experts to assess the current state of existing supportive housing in the city and state to formulate innovative solutions and recommendations for the future.

Following six months of work, the Task Force delivered final recommendations to the Mayor with 23 specific recommendations, each falling into one of four topic areas tackled by the working groups:

  • Data and Evaluation
  • Referrals
  • Service Models
  • Streamlining Development

The City will incorporate the recommendations from the Task Force into the planning process for the new units which will be overseen by a Government Oversight Committee. Implementation of the recommendations will build off of the Task Force’s momentum. Each recommendation has been assigned to the appropriate City agency responsible for implementation.


These are our current NYC 15/15 providers: