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Legal Services for Tenants Facing Eviction – NYC's Right-to-Counsel Law

Are you facing an eviction in court? New York City has your back.

Under New York City's Right-to-Counsel (RTC) law, DSS' Office of Civil Justice (OCJ) provides tenants facing eviction in Housing Court or NYCHA administrative proceedings with access to free legal representation and advice provided by legal services organizations from across the five boroughs.

Right-to-Counsel legal services are free, available in every ZIP code, and available regardless of immigration status.

Facing eviction? Call 311 and ask for "Right to Counsel".

You don't have to face eviction alone.

Do you have a pending eviction case in Housing Court, or have you received a Motion to Restore/Enforce an Eviction?

RTC legal service providers are meeting tenants without counsel at their Housing Court conferences. Go to your scheduled court appearance and say "I would like an attorney" when you appear in court. You can also stop anyone wearing this button for help:

Teal colored circle with the text 'Speak with a free lawyer'

For more information on how to appear for court on your scheduled date, visit the New York City Housing Court's website, or call:





Red Hook








Staten Island


I have a pending eviction case in Housing Court, or I have received a Motion to Restore/Enforce an Eviction.

I have received a Warrant of Eviction.

I have been locked out of my apartment by my landlord, without a court order or warrant.

I have a termination of tenancy case brought by the New York City Housing Authority.

My apartment needs serious repairs and my landlord won't make them.

If you are experiencing any of the above, contact the tenant resources below:

I have other questions about my housing situation and rights as a tenant, such as my lease or being behind on rent.