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Homebase provides New Yorkers experiencing housing instability in the community with various homeless prevention services and aftercare services to families and individuals exiting NYC DHS shelter to permanent housing. Homebase locations are servicing clients either via phone or for in-person services. Anyone seeking Homebase services should call the office in advance to schedule an appointment.

Please use the Homebase locator to find the Homebase location that serves the ZIP code you currently reside in, along with the facility’s phone number. You may be eligible for Homebase services if you:

  • Are at imminent risk of entering the New York City shelter system
  • Are low-income
  • Want to remain stably housed in your community



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Dedicated Homebase staff across the five boroughs are available to evaluate households' specific needs, offering a variety of services to help New Yorkers achieve housing stability, including:
  • Services to prevent eviction
  • Assistance obtaining public benefits
  • Emergency rental assistance
  • Education and job placement assistance
  • Financial counseling and money management
  • Help relocating
  • Short-term financial assistance

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Audio Description: Information about Homebase, an HRA program providing homelessness preventions services to those at risk of eviction.

Woman speaker: You're working hard but still struggling to make ends meet, and you're behind on your rent. Now you're facing possible eviction. You can't imagine your kid going through it. What do you tell her? We can help your family in your home, but you have to let us know that you need help. Please, reach out before you are forced out of your home.

Text on screen:
Reach out before you are forced out of your home.
Visit or call 311 today to find out how Homebase can help you.