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Homebase Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Homebase and how does it work?

Homebase is a homelessness prevention network with 23 locations across the 5 boroughs of New York City. Each year over 25,000 at-risk households are provided services to assist with a housing crisis and support stability. This includes community residents who have never had any housing issues in the past; families and individuals who exited from a shelter and need support maintaining stability in the community; anyone looking to improve their ability to maintain employment and financial stability to ensure that they can remain stable in their housing.

When you go to Homebase they will gather information to determine if you are eligible for their services and they will discuss your concerns. The staff will work with you to ensure you have access to necessary resources and if you enroll to receive Homebase services they will make a plan with you to address your concerns. They can work with you if you are in the middle of an urgent housing crisis (eviction, housing court, etc) or if you are concerned about your future stability and want to plan ahead to avoid a crisis.

Do I qualify for Homebase services?

Anyone who may need Homebase services is encouraged to visit their local office so that they can review your specific situation and offer support. Even if you are not eligible Homebase can assist you with identifying resources that might be helpful.

Some basic information that Homebase will review to determine eligibility:

  • Household annual income
  • Status of public benefits (PA, SNAP, etc)
  • Housing instability and risk of homelessness
  • Support network and resources

How can Homebase assist me?

Services include:

  • Eviction prevention
  • Short-term emergency funding
  • Assistance obtaining benefits
  • Financial counseling
  • Landlord and family mediation
  • Employment services/referrals
  • Linkages to community resources

Do I need to have an open case in Housing Court?

The answer is NO, you do not have to wait until you are in housing court to seek assistance from Homebase. In fact, it is advised that you seek out Homebase assistance at the first sign of a housing problem, such as, discord with your landlord, rental arrears, loss of employment, overcrowding. These are just some examples of situations Homebase can assist you to resolve.

How do I know which Homebase I should go to?

You can find your nearest Homebase sites by calling 311 or by viewing the HomeBase map and locating your Homebase site by your zip code.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call the office before visiting to schedule a set time that is convenient for you.

If you walk in without an appointment go EARLY in the day. Before 12:00 PM is best.

Bring as many documents as possible to your appointment. See the list below for suggested documents to bring to HOMEBASE. However, while it is helpful to provide all of the documents listed, if you do not have all of these documents Homebase CAN still assess your case and assist.

What do I need to bring for my first appointment?

Personal/Employment information:

  • Identification for all adult each household member
  • Proof of income/employment for every working member of the household (recent paystubs dated within 30 days of HOMEBASE appointment)
  • If you have an active public assistance- Cash Assistance (CA) case, please bring a CA Budget Letter/WMS printout (dated within 30 days).
  • SSI /SSD Award Letter (dated within the last year)

Housing/legal Information:

  • Copy of lease, or written rental agreement
  • Rental Assistance referral/ certificate/voucher or award letter
  • Rent demand, Landlord letter or Court documents (eviction papers, marshal's notice, lease)
  • Light, gas, telephone bill

How do I get help obtaining missing documentation?

To obtain State ID, Social Security Card and/or Birth certificate you need to go to an appropriate agency near you to apply and obtain the documents.

Do I need to bring my children?

You do not need to bring your children with you. Bring identification for your children (I.e. birth certificate).

Does Homebase help with utility arrears?

Homebase will first assist you in developing a payment plan with the utility company, obtaining public benefits to pay the arrears, and may also help pay a portion or all of the arrears. It is helpful if you bring the bills with you (i.e. Light, Gas or telephone).

How long does it take to get the help I need?

Initial appointments are scheduled within 5-business days. Emergency appointments are immediate or the next business day. Call individual Homebase offices for Saturday hours.