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Accessing Supportive Housing

How do I apply?

All prospective tenants must work with a pre-approved social service or health provider to complete and submit an HRA 2010e application.

Once an application is submitted, a clinical team from HRA’s Customized Assistance Services reviews the application and makes an eligibility determination based on requirements for the different initiatives. Formal documentation of this determination is returned to the provider who originally submitted the application.

Once I am approved for supportive housing, what happens next? 

Based on the type of supportive housing you are determined to be eligible for, your application packet will be submitted to housing providers by designated placement agencies. Contact information for the designated placement agency is on the bottom of the determination letter. For additional referral information, contact CUCS.

Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of supportive housing units available in the City. Only when a vacancy comes available or a new program is developed will a packet be sent to housing providers for review.

How long is my supportive housing approval good for?

Supportive housing determinations are good for six months.

My supportive housing approval has expired, what should I do next?

An updated application will need to be submitted by your social service or health provider. This will need to include any changes in health, mental health, substance use or homeless history.

Can I access supportive housing for me and my family?

Yes. There are supportive housing programs designated for adult families (all adults over 18), for families with children, and for young adults(18-25) aging out of foster care or in shelter who are pregnant or have children. As with all populations, a 2010e application must be submitted to determine if the head of household is eligible for supportive housing.

I am currently in the hospital and need supportive housing upon discharge. How can I move into supportive housing?

Only after you have a determination letter approving you for supportive housing, can your packet be referred to housing providers by the designated placement Agency. Most NYC hospitals have the ability to submit the 2010e application packet. Check with your discharge team for more assistance.

I am not living in shelter, but think I need supportive housing, what can I do?

Speak with a social service or health professionals to have them complete a supportive housing application (the 2010e).

I have housing and am about to be evicted. Where do I go for help?

Learn more about Homebase, part of HRA's Homelessness Prevention Services unit.

We have someone in our neighborhood who is homeless, where do I start to help connect them to services?

For the most immediate response, New Yorkers who see individuals they believe to be homeless and in need should contact 311 via phone or their mobile app and request outreach assistance. You can also get more information on the DHS Street Outreach.