Illegal Dumping

It's ILLEGAL to dispose of any type of material or debris by vehicle and dump it on any street, lot, park, public space – public or private.

We are committed to keeping our neighborhoods clean and have placed cameras across the City to catch illegal dumpers.

  • If you are the owner or driver of a vehicle used for illegal dumping, you may be fined up to $18,000 and the vehicle used for dumping may be impounded.

Report Illegal Dumping

If you provide information about illegal dumping and it leads to a fine, you may be eligible to receive up to half of the payment. 

We have two programs that provide awards to people who witness and report illegal dumping:

  • Illegal Dumping Award Program: Complete an affidavit after witnessing illegal dumping. When the lawbreaker is fined, the witness is eligible for 50% of the fine that the City collects. If the lawbreaker challenges the ticket at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) hearing, the witness must attend.

  • Illegal Dumping Tip Program: Anyone who tips off the City – so that we can catch an illegal dumper in the act – is eligible for a reward of up to 50% of the fine collected. The tipster’s identity remains confidential – so he or she won’t have to appear at an Environmental Control Board hearing.

If you witness illegal dumping, make sure to record the following information (do not approach or engage with the dumpers):

  • Description of the vehicle – not the people – including a license plate number
  • Time, date, and location of the incident
  • Type and amount of dumped material

Past or Chronic Dumping

You can request the removal of large amounts of trash dumped on sidewalks or streets. You can also report repeated dumping at the same public property location.

Report a past dumping incident or chronic dumping from a vehicle onto public property.

NOTE: DSNY does not remove unwanted items from private property. Property owners and managers are responsible for removing small amounts of trash on dumped on public sidewalks next to their property.

Illegal Dumping Award Program

Download, fill out, and submit an Illegal Dumping Complaint Form Affidavit. Have it notarized and mail it to:

Director of Enforcement
NYC Department of Sanitation
1824 Shore Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11214

We will mail back a status update in a few weeks. If the dumper is found and the person pleads not guilty of the violation, you will be required to testify at a hearing. Learn more about the Illegal Dumping Awards Program.

NOTE: You cannot receive your reward until the alleged violator is found guilty or defaults and the fine is paid, which may take several months.