Graffiti Removal

Property owners are required by law to remove or arrange for the removal of graffiti from their property.

You can have the graffiti removed for FREE through the Graffiti-Free NYC Program, managed by DSNY. Graffiti removal is generally done year-round, depending on the weather and availability.

We can remove graffiti from the front exterior of residential and commercial buildings (in areas that are easily accessible, and from public sidewalks and streets.

Report graffiti to 311 and request FREE removal.

When graffiti is reported to 311, we alert the building owner by mailing them a Notice of Intent to Remove Graffiti.

  • If the owner does not remove the graffiti and report back within 35 days, DSNY will inspect the property, and if the graffiti is still there, we will have it removed.
  • If the owner wants to keep the graffiti, they must report back within 35 days of getting the notice.

Forever Graffiti Free

Property owners can submit a Forever Graffiti Free form, allowing the City to remove graffiti from their property whenever it is reported, without having to receive a Notice of Intent first. You can enroll in this program even if there is no graffiti currently on your property.