eVital Certify App Update

New versions of the eVital Certify app were released on January 13, 2020.

To continue certifying cases in eVital, you must update the Certify app on your device to the versions below:

  • IOS version: 2.0.1911230 (133)
  • Android version: 2.0.1911230 (93)

The new versions of the Certify app are available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Your device may automatically update to one of the new versions.

Maintenance Schedule

eVital system maintenance occurs on Thursday evenings between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Users will receive email notifications that specify the details, including dates and times.

Please be sure to save your work in advance and exit the system prior to these times.

eVital is the system for reporting life events and issuing vital records in New York City.

eVital Improvements

The new system includes several improvements, such as:

  • Single sign-on using NYC.ID, instead of NYCMED
  • Easier access for users
  • Higher quality of certification of births and deaths
  • More secure and efficient biometric certification

Enrollment and Authorization

Medical facilities and funeral directors pre-authorized by the NYC Health Department can report births, deaths, and terminations of pregnancy using the eVital system. Facilities that are not authorized and would like to be should email eVital@health.nyc.gov for permission to report vital events. Once your account has been created, you will be sent instructions on how to proceed.

Only authorized users can enter data or report vital events in New York City using eVital. Individuals who work in a hospital and would like to use this system should contact their eVital Facility Administrator for access to the system.


eVital Facility Administrator Enrollment

eVital Facility Administrators will need to enroll in eVital in person at our Manhattan office at 125 Worth Street. To prepare for your visit, you should first email eVital@health.nyc.gov for more information.

Once an eVital Facility Administrator has been enrolled, they are then responsible for enrolling their facility’s users, including deputy administrators and certifiers. This can be done at your site.

For information about how eVital Facility Administrators can be most effective using the new system, review eVital Facility Administrator Skills and Tasks (PDF).

Enrolling Users in eVital

If you are enrolling a former EVERS user, check if they are affiliated with multiple facilities. Former EVERS users who are affiliated with multiple facilities should enroll with an EVERS Migration Key. This will link their accounts.

For step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in eVital, see our eVital User Enrollment Guide (PDF).

The following videos will show you how to:


Biometric Enrollment

Users who certify births, deaths and spontaneous terminations of pregnancy (STOPs) are also required to enroll biometrically. Certifiers will use eVital’s facial recognition feature, instead of fingerprint authentication, to certify cases.

Using a Mobile Device to Certify Cases

Certifiers can use their personal mobile device to certify cases by downloading the NYC eVital Certify app [Android] [iPhone].

New versions of the app are now available for Apple and Android users.

The new and improved eVital Certify app will:

  • Notify you if you are not adequately connected to Wi-Fi or internet to do a certification.
  • Notify and give you two more opportunities to retry if your first photo submission fails.
  • Allow us to better evaluate your eVital use and experience for improved security and usability.

Training and Tutorials

The training materials below can help you prepare to use the eVital system. We will continue to update these sections, please check back for updates.

User Guides

Video Tutorials

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions about eVital, email eVital@health.nyc.gov.