Public Health Laboratory

Established in 1892, the NYC Public Health Laboratory was the world's first municipal bacteriological laboratory. In the century since its first campaign to control diphtheria in NYC, the Public Health Lab has expanded to provide a variety of clinical and environmental laboratory testing services to detect and characterize disease causing organisms. Some of these services include community testing for tuberculosis and sexual health associated diseases; antibiotic resistance testing; foodborne disease investigations; outbreak response (Ebola, Legionnaires’ disease, COVID-19, mpox); whole-genome sequencing; beach water and wastewater pathogen monitoring; and biothreat agent testing.

In addition to working closely with local partners, the Public Health Lab has strong partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions, public health labs nationwide, the CDC and the NY State Department of Health Wadsworth Center.

Tests and Services

General Service Information

Questions concerning the availability of tests not listed, specimen requirements, or other information should be directed to the laboratory listed below.

Microbiology 212-671-5849
Virology and Immunology 212-671-5890
Environmental Sciences and Toxicology 212-671-5823
Biothreat Response 212-671-5834
Chemical Threat 212-671-5900
General Services 212-671-5700

Public Health Laboratory Submission Guidelines

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