Electronic Case Reporting

CMS Promoting Interoperability Program

Declarations of Readiness

The NYC Health Department Electronic Case Reporting Registry started accepting data on January 1, 2018, from eligible hospitals and critical health agencies and eligible professionals located in NYC, using HL7 CDA R2 Implementation Guide: Public Health Case Report, Release 2: the Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR) Release 1, STU Release 1.1 format.

As of January 2022, eligible hospitals, critical access hospitals and eligible providers that are part of the Promoting Interoperability Program or the Merit-based Incentive Payment System are required to participate in electronic case reporting for the Public Health Reporting measure.

Learn more about each program’s final rule:

Electronic case reporting is the automated reporting of cases from an electronic health report product to an appropriate public health agency. It securely transfers patient and clinical information from the health care organization for disease tracking, case management and contact tracing.

The NYC Health Department uses the Health Level Seven electronic initial case report standards for electronic case reporting and to support new federal regulations. The Health Department registry accepts reporting data from eligible hospitals, critical health agencies and eligible professionals located in NYC.

COVID-19 data is the current priority for the Health Department registry. We will be extending the reporting scope to all NYC reportable conditions that are authorized.

To manually report a notifiable disease or condition, health care organizations use Reporting Central and the Universal Reporting Form (PDF). Electronic case reporting is intended to eventually replace manual reporting as a long-term solution for a more automated, comprehensive form of reporting.

Eligible Reporters

Any health care organization or provider treating patients in New York City can participate in electronic case reporting. Organizations or providers treating patients outside the city should visit the New York State Electronic Case Reporting Registry.

To participate, reporters that are part of either the Promoting Interoperability Program or the Merit-based Incentive Payment System must have a certified electronic health record 2015 product.

  • To find certified electronic health reports, use the Certified Health IT Product List. The certification criteria filter for electronic health report products should be set to “170.315 (f)(5): transmission to public health agencies - electronic case reporting.”
  • Benefits

    There are several benefits for providers who report to the electronic case reporting registry, including:

    • Supporting identification of health needs to better target populations in need of public health interventions.
    • Reducing the burden of reporting to public health agencies without disrupting the clinical workflow.
    • Helping to eliminate the manual case reporting process.
    • Meeting regulatory reporting requirements.
    • Meeting federal requirements.


    If your organization is interested in starting electronic case reporting, email eICR@health.nyc.gov.

    The process and timeline for implementing electronic case reporting can vary, as it depends on the vendor’s technical ability and resources.

    The onboarding process consists of four phases:

    1. Initial Discussions: We introduce the organizations to the NYC registry and our process. When the organization is ready to move forward with implementation, we host a collaborative call with the CDC to discuss preparation for testing, required documentation and implementation approach.

    2. Testing: We connect organizations with the Association of Public Health Laboratories Informatics Messaging Services platform, complete trigger code test cases, and perform the Extensible Markup Language content and structure validation.

    3. Production Readiness: The organization completes all testing requirements and deploys production data. It will start the certification process with the Health Department.

    4. Certification: During this phase the organization and the Health Department will partner to identify gaps in reporting data and will facilitate biweekly calls to close gaps. When the organization receives our certification, their reporting data will be promoted to production.

    The Electronic Case Reporting AIMS Platform website has resources and information to help healthcare organizations prepare for onboarding:

    Additional Resources