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Shop Healthy NYC!

Shop Healthy NYC! works to increase access to healthy foods in neighborhoods with high rates of nutrition-related diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. The program works with food retailers, food suppliers, distributors, local community residents and organizations in neighborhoods that have little access to healthy foods.

Nearly 2,000 stores participate in Shop Healthy NYC! across the city. Shop Healthy NYC! works in the following neighborhoods:

  • Bronx: West Farms/Fordham, Claremont-Morrisania, East Tremont, Hunts Point, Mott Haven, Longwood and Morris Heights
  • Brooklyn: Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville and East New York
  • Manhattan: East, Central and West Harlem

Learn how Shop Healthy NYC! encourages better access to healthy foods.

Get Involved

You can help promote healthy eating with Shop Healthy NYC! Here are a few ways to encourage local food retailers to provide healthy options, such as fruits and vegetables, 100% whole wheat bread and low-sodium canned goods:

Retail Challenge

Each year, food retailers participate in the Shop Healthy NYC! Retail Challenge. The program challenges stores to stock more healthy products, place them in noticeable locations in the store and increase their sales.

Stores that meet these goals and maintain them for at least one month receive a recognition award from their local Borough President's Office. This award recognizes their efforts to offer healthy choices for their communities.

From 2013 to 2019, 368 stores in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan received this award for their participation in Shop Healthy NYC.

For more information, visit NYC Open Data: Recognized Shop Healthy Stores.

How Shop Healthy NYC! Works

Each year, Shop Healthy identifies food stores in neighborhoods that are in need and reaches out to store owners to introduce the program. Shop Healthy works with these businesses to set goals around stocking and promoting healthy products by providing marketing materials and technical assistance. The program recognizes stores that meet their goals with awards from local Borough Presidents’ Offices.

For more information, email shophealthy@health.nyc.gov

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