Public Health Services

The NYC Health Department offers a range of services for NYC residents. The list below includes some of the services provided for people with certain conditions or who are looking for support with particular needs. Click the links for information on how to access each service.

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Children and Young Adults

The following services are available for people ages 30 and younger.

Children and Youth with Special Care Needs

Children And Youth With Special Health Care Needs is a program that provides information as well as referrals to health services and community resources for children with special needs. This program also helps families apply for low or no-cost health insurance.

Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program helps young children (birth to 3 years) who have learning disabilities and developmental delays. The program works with families to set meaningful goals for the child and create a service plan to help child and family meet those goals. To be eligible, the child must live in NYC, be three years old or younger and be evaluated.

NYC Asthma Network

The Harlem Neighborhood Health Action Center has several programs that offer free counseling, education and other support services for children with asthma. Our services can also help asthma health care providers help their patients, as well as improve their own practices. Many of these services are offered through the East Harlem Asthma Center of Excellence, which is located at 161-169 East 110th Street (between 3rd and Lexington Avenues).

  • Age requirement: 17 years or younger
  • More information on how to access this service: NYC Asthma Network

NYC Supportive Transition and Recovery Team (NYC START)

The NYC Supportive Transition and Recovery Team is a free service for young adults (ages 16 to 30) hospitalized for a first episode of psychosis. The program works with all hospitals that provide in-patient psychiatric services in NYC and offers care coordination, psycho-education and support services.

All Patients

The following services are available for adults or patients of all ages.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment

The Assisted Outpatient Treatment Program helps adults with mental illness and a history of nonadherence to treatment remain engaged in care through the use of a court ordered treatment plan.

Citywide Immunization Registry

The NYC Health Department's Citywide Immunization Registry (CIR) collects New Yorkers' vaccine records to help ensure that people receive life-saving immunizations, to monitor vaccination rates and to protect public health. People can use the registry to access their COVID-19 vaccination records.

Harlem Health Advocacy Partners

Harlem Health Advocacy Partners is a free program aimed at improving the health and well-being of NYCHA communities through health coaching, wellness activities, peer support and advocacy. The program currently serves NYCHA residents living in East and Central Harlem ages 18 and over with chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. Services include medical insurance navigation, referrals for social services, hosting walking groups and promoting health education workshops. COVID-19 resources are all available, such as PPE, hand sanitizer and information on free vaccinations and testing.

Health Insurance Enrollment Services

NYC Health Department’s Certified Application Counselors can help connect you to low or no-cost health insurance options and enroll you into coverage. Our enrollers can also assist you with applying for SNAP benefits (food stamps) and refer you to other social service organizations.

Healthy Homes Program

The Healthy Homes Program accepts referrals from providers of patients with diagnosed moderate persistent or severe persistent asthma living with mold or pests (mice, rats or cockroaches) in the home. The program will contact the family to make an appointment for a home inspection. If issues are identified, the Healthy Homes Program will contact the building owner to get the problems fixed.

Hepatitis Navigation Programs

Programs include hepatitis B and hepatitis C low-cost testing and treatment, patient navigation and peer services, NYC Health Map, prevention and care, and health promotion resources.

Nurse-Family Partnership

NYC Nurse-Family Partnership is a free, evidence-based nurse home visiting program for low-income (Medicaid- or WIC-eligible) first-time mothers. The program pairs first-time mothers who are up to 28 weeks pregnant with their very own specially trained registered nurse. These nurses provides information and guidance throughout the pregnancy and until the child’s second birthday. The nurses support patients to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. The service is available regardless of age, immigration status or gender identity.

Sexual Health Clinics

NYC Sexual Health Clinics provide low- to no-cost sexual health services for New Yorkers 12 years or older, regardless of insurance or immigration status. Services include:

  • STI testing and treatment
  • HIV testing, prevention, and treatment options
  • Contraception services, including emergency contraception, hormonal methods, long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and Implants) and condoms.

Single Point of Access

The Single Point of Access program helps providers connect people with serious mental illness to mental health services that can accommodate them. Through these services, people with serious mental illness can connect to treatment, communicate with providers and get help finding benefits.

Tuberculosis Chest Centers

The Health Department Chest Centers provide free evaluation and treatment for Tuberculosis.

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