Nutrition: Good Choice for Food Service Providers

Good Choice is a program that helps food service providers identify and purchase healthier food and beverage products from their distributors. This allows consumers to have access to healthier options when eating away from home.

How the Program Works

Good Choice is a collaboration among government health departments, distributors and their customers. Every six months, participating health departments review product inventories of participating distributors to identify healthier foods and beverages. Their reviews identify products that meet science-based limits for calories, fat, sugar and sodium, and minimum requirements for fiber. Distributors highlight healthier foods and beverages for their customers, which include food providers in hospitals, restaurants, older adult centers and child care centers.

Nutrition Criteria

The Good Choice nutrition criteria is based on the NYC Food Standards. The criteria include 15 food categories, such as pre-packaged snacks, sliced bread and salad dressing, and help identify which items within these categories are healthier choices.

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