New York City Teens Connection

New York City Teens Connection works with youth, parents, schools, health care clinics and community groups to improve teens’ sexual and reproductive health. We help youth get the information and resources they need to make healthy decisions and feel empowered to act on those decisions.

Since 2010, New York City Teens Connection program partners have reached over 85,000 youth with sexual health education programs, and Clinic Health Educators have had over 41,000 contacts with youth. Between 2000 and 2020, City programs such as these helped reduce teen pregnancy by 79%.

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Sexual Health Education

We support a variety of sexual health education programs across the city, reaching youth where they are, such as:

  • Schools, including high schools, middle schools, transfer schools, international schools and District 75 schools.
  • Health care clinics, including at the Health Department's Sexual Health Clinics.
  • Local organizations and programs that work with youth, such as foster care agencies, juvenile justice programs and other community-based settings.

Health Care Clinics

We link programs to local clinics that have experience working with teens on sexual health. This helps teens:

  • Get the sexual and reproductive health care they need
  • Build relationships with health care providers
  • Learn how to access health care on their own

Teens can search for sexual health care services on the NYC Health Map.

Community Engagement

Our Community Action Teams and Youth Leadership Teams inform our outreach efforts by working directly with their communities to foster support and change.

Parent Engagement

We work with parents and other caretakers to help improve their communication with youth about sexuality and sexual health.


We monitor and evaluate all program activities to assess their impact and keep improving.

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