New York City Teens Connection

New York City Teens Connection works with schools, health care clinics and community groups to improve teens’ sexual and reproductive health. We help youth get the information and resources they need to make healthy decisions and feel empowered to act on those decisions.

Between 2000 and 2015, City programs such as these helped reduce teen pregnancy by 60%.

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Sexual Health Education

We support a variety of sexual health education programs across the city at the following types of locations:

  • High schools and community colleges
  • Health care clinics, including at the Health Department's Sexual Health Clinics
  • Local agencies that work with youth, such as foster care agencies and community-based organizations

Health Care Clinics

New York City Teens Connection links programs to local clinics that have experience working with teens on sexual health. These connections help teens:

  • Get the sexual and reproductive health care they need
  • Build relationships with health care providers
  • Learn how to access health care on their own

You can also search for local facilities offering sexual health care services to teens on the NYC Health Map.

Community Engagement

We work directly with the community through our local community engagement teams:

  • Community Action Teams are composed of adult community members and service providers who share resources and expertise to improve the sexual health of teens.

  • Youth Leadership Teams are composed of teens who live in our targeted communities. They participate in youth development activities and inform our community engagement work.

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