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Health Insurance: Enrollment Counselors

Enroll Today!

The NY State of Health Open Enrollment Period for coverage in a 2023 Qualified Health Plan ended on January 31, 2023. However, you can still enroll in a Qualified Health Plan from February 1, 2023 through the Spring of 2024. Enroll by the 15th of the month for coverage starting on the first of the following month.

Enrollment in Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan is available year-round.

Get Ready to Renew

Starting in Spring 2023, New York State will resume eligibility reviews and renewals for New Yorkers enrolled in Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan.

Avoid a gap in coverage and get ready to renew your health insurance. Make sure your information on the NY State of Health Marketplace or with the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) is up to date and be on the lookout for a renewal notice. You will receive a notice and other communications when it is time to renew health insurance for yourself and/or your family members. Not sure how to do this? Contact a Health Department enrollment counselor today to help you apply or update your account.

Expanded Eligibility for Financial Assistance

More New Yorkers now qualify to receive financial assistance to lower the cost of premiums. This assistance applies to current and new enrollees.

New Yorkers with incomes above $27,180 for individuals or $55,500 for a family of four can qualify to receive financial assistance to lower the cost of premiums.

Our counselors will:

  • Explain your health insurance and care options, regardless of your immigration status.
  • Help you and your family enroll in or renew health insurance.
  • Find out if you qualify for financial help to pay for a low-cost private health insurance plan.
  • Assist you with applying for SNAP benefits (food stamps).

Counselor Locations by Borough

Call us for information or to schedule an enrollment appointment.


  • Morrisania Health Center
    • 1309 Fulton Avenue, Third Floor
    • 646-483-1279, 646-983-1712

  • Tremont Neighborhood Health Action Center
    • 1826 Arthur Avenue, First Floor
    • 646-942-1469


  • Bushwick Health Center
    • 335 Central Avenue, First Floor
    • 347-236-7029, 646-799-1346, 347-236-9934

  • Fort Greene Health Center
    • 295 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Fifth Floor
    • 718-249-1438, 718-249-1436, 718-249-1435

  • Homecrest Health Center
    • 1601 Avenue S, First Floor
    • 646-866-4173, 646-548-3299

  • Bedford Health Center
    • 485 Throop Avenue, Second Floor
    • 718-637-5363
    • Crown Heights Health Center enrollment staff will continue to provide enrollment services at our new Bedford Health Center site. Call for information or to schedule a telephone enrollment appointment.


  • Washington Heights Health Center
    • 600 West 168th Street, Second Floor
    • 212-368-5475

  • Chelsea Health Center
    • 303 Ninth Avenue, First Floor
    • 646-483-4270


  • Corona Health Center
    • 34-33 Junction Boulevard, First Floor, Jackson Heights
    • 718-208-6818, 347-236-7049

  • Jamaica Health Center
    • 90-37 Parsons Boulevard, Fourth Floor, Jamaica
    • 718-553-3845, 718-553-3846

  • Astoria Health Center
    • 12-26 31st Avenue, Second Floor, Astoria
    • 718-208-6818, 646-483-4270

Staten Island

  • 135 Canal Street
    • Second Floor
    • 917-217-3324
    • (By appointment only)

Other Ways to Find a Counselor

Facilitated Enrollment for the Aged, Blind and Disabled

If you are 65 or older, certified blind or certified disabled, you may qualify for Medicaid. You can get free assistance to apply for Medicaid, Medicare and the Medicare Savings Program, which helps cover Medicare costs. Note, this assistance is separate from the NY State of Health Marketplace services.

To make an appointment, call 347-396-4705.

Health Insurance for Children in the Early Intervention Program

If you have a child in the New York City Early Intervention Program, your child may qualify for Medicaid and other benefits, even if you already have health coverage.

Additional Resources

Direct Access Programs

  • For Community Members: NYC Care is a program that guarantees low- and no-cost services for residents who do not qualify for or cannot afford health insurance.

More Information