Water Conservation and Reuse

Map of Completed Conservation Projects Around New York City
View our Interactive Demand Management Map for a detailed view of completed water conservation projects across New York City.

As water utilities across the nation—and around the world—grapple with the consequences of climate change, we must continue to identify opportunities to ensure the resiliency and reliability of our water supply system.

Reducing water demand benefits our water supply system and New York City at large by increasing flexibility in our operations, reducing our energy footprint and greenhouse gas emissions (from treating less drinking water and wastewater), and keeping water bills affordable.

For information on how to make your home, hotel or restaurant more water efficient, visit Water Saving Tips.

Citywide Water Savings Programs

Water Demand Management Program

As environmental, social, and economic landscapes continue to transform, it is necessary for DEP to manage water in a sustainable and equitable manner. In 2023, DEP released the One Water NYC 2023 Demand Management Plan to advance a One Water strategy to reduce water consumption while promoting other co-benefits. In the 2024 report, DEP provides an update on ongoing programs and projects as part of this strategy.

To view our conservation reports from previous years, visit our Document Portal and search for “demand.”

Water Conservation and Reuse Grants and Rate Discounts

To incentivize water savings on private property, we have grants for water efficiency projects at commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties that include conventional fixture retrofits and/or innovative water saving technologies, such as on-site water reuse.

Learn more about the Water Conservation and Reuse Grants and Rate Discounts.

Repairing Leaks in the Water System

DEP has a large service area with 7,000 miles of pipes that distribute water to end users. As water travels through these underground pipes, undetected leaks can occur, and therefore constant maintenance, leak detection, and metering optimization is key to efficient management of water supply. DEP has a system of pressure management zones that are crucial for properly operating the system. Pressure management can help reduce leaks by reducing the amount and severity of water main breaks.

Automated meter reading device infrastructure covers over 97 percent of DEP’s customer base. This technology enables customers to view and manage their water consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis and provides an accurate depiction of water use across the city. Customers can access their water consumption data through their My DEP Account. This gives customers the opportunity to address Leaks and proactively increase water efficiency in their homes.

Preparing for Droughts

Over the past 75 years, New York City has experienced nine drought periods of record, the most severe of which occurred prior to the 1980s.

Beyond infrastructure upgrades and programs that promote near-term savings, DEP has revised its drought management rules, now known as the Water Shortage Rules, to properly manage its water supply in the event of water shortage during infrastructure repairs, or droughts.

View Historical Drought and Water Consumption Data.