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Not-for-Profit Procurement

DDC works with documented 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations on projects that receive money from New York City elected officials. The City’s discretionary funded capital reimbursement program allows elected officials to provide funding from the City’s capital budget to reimburse not-for-profit organizations for certain capitally eligible purchases of equipment, vehicles, property and/or construction projects that aim to assist in the provision of the organization's public services in the City of New York.

DDC specifically assists non-profits with the legal and administrative process for such projects. DDC's Law Division oversees the execution and filing/recording of certain necessary legal documents. At the end of the process, DDC administers the payment of funds on a reimbursement basis.

To facilitate approved discretionary funded projects, DDC will work with not-for-profit organizations to:

  • Verify award funding in the City budget.
  • Inform relevant elected officials about the status of their project(s).
  • Prepare the legal agreements necessary and guide funding recipients through the reimbursement process.

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