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  • Please note that the timeframe for each step is an approximate time based on standard procedures and may vary depending on the project.

1. Funding Designation by Elected Official and Notification: 3-12 Months

Designated funding recipients receive notification from the office of elected official(s) of the City of New York. Please note that the receipt of such an allocation does not necessarily guarantee City reimbursement. For more information please see DDC's Application Process.

2. Completion of Questionnaire and Submission of Documents: 1-12 Months

Your organization must fully complete the City's most recent Capital Funding Request Form (also known as the Legal Questionnaire). To view this form, please see our Not-for-Profit Forms page. A completed form must include all of the necessary attachments. DDC may not proceed with project without this submission.

3. Eligibility Evaluation and Preparation of Agreements: 2-3 Months

DDC and the City's oversight offices begin to evaluate your funding eligibility and will contact your organization if any additional information is needed. Depending on whether the project is ready to proceed, DDC will prepare all of the applicable agreements using City templates.

DDC will then forward these agreements to your organization along with a checklist of the items needed to finalize the reimbursement process. To view the City's template agreements and DDC's project checklists, please see our Not-for-Profit Forms page.

4. Execution of Agreements and Necessary Submissions: 2-3 Months

Once your organization receives execution copies of the agreements, please carefully review these documents with an attorney. Your attorney will need to review your organization's legal ability to enter into this transaction with the City, and this attorney will also need to render an opinion of counsel letter on behalf of your organization. To view the City's template opinion of counsel letter, please see our Not-for-Profit Forms page.

If your organization can abide by all of the City's requirements, then sign and notarize the agreements and immediately forward them back to DDC along with the opinion of counsel letter.

5. Certificate to Proceed and City's Execution of Agreements: 2-3 Months

Once DDC receives the signed agreements along with a signed Opinion of Counsel Letter, we then request a Certificate to Proceed (CP) from the City's oversight offices to clear funding for the project. When we receive CP approval, only then may the agency execute the agreements on the behalf of the City.

6. Registration with NYC Comptroller: 1-3 Months

After DDC signs the agreements, we forward these contracts to the Office of the New York City Comptroller for approval and registration.

7. Security Interest Verification and Submission of Requisition(s): 2-3 Months

Once DDC receives final approval by the Comptroller's office to proceed, your organization's attorney will need to make sure that the City's security interests lien(s) are in place to protect the City's investment. For more information on this process please see DDC's Application Process.

Finally, your organization will need to submit requisitions to the agency. For the necessary payment requisition forms, please see our Not-for-Profit Forms.