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What types of programs or purchases receive City funding?

Pursuant to the City's discretionary-funded program, DDC works with documented not-for-profit organizations that have been awarded City capital funds by elected officials of the City of New York. In general, funds may only be used to make purchases that meet the definition of a capital asset given by State and City law.

How does the City's budget process work?

The City's budget consists of a year-round process centered on the fiscal year, which begins on July 1st and ends June 30th. Applicants should contact the office of their elected officials for more information on deadlines and the application process.

Does an award of funding by an elected official guarantee funding by the City?

The receipt of an award by an elected official does not necessarily guarantee that the City will be able to provide funding.

How can my organization speed up the City's project review process?

Have your organization's paperwork handy.
Be sure you have access to all necessary information regarding your organization--corporate documents, financial information, etc.--along with the details of the project. During the course of DDC's review process, you may need to produce a series of documents to for review.

Give thorough answers.
Include all requested data, and provide complete responses along with all necessary exhibits and attachments required in the City's Capital Funding Request Form and DDC's Checklists.

Delegate a point person.
The contact person representing your organization should be someone with a deep knowledge of your organization's mission and activities. They should also have access to organization records, an understanding of the organization's needs, and should have a fairly regular work schedule. Your organization should also have an attorney available to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

Provide timely responses.
Make sure you submit additional or supporting application materials requested by the agency in a timely manner. Additional application materials should be as accurate and complete as other documentation you submit to the City.

Reach out to the right person.
You can save a significant amount of time by simply making sure that all communication to the agency is addressed to the right department or person. It may be best to communicate directly with the Program Director, DDC Attorney or Agency Representative that requested the additional documentation in relation to your project.

Use the City's template documents and forms.
The City requires every agency to use template agreements and forms. Be advised that the general rule is that there are no changes to the City's form/template documents. Any requests for revisions to these template agreements will delay your organization's project and reimbursement by the City. Please keep in mind that the agency must use the same forms for all applicants to be fair to all organizations that wish to receive City funding. In certain cases, DDC may prefer to receive documentation in electronic format. Please confirm proper document format and with DDC staff.

After careful and thorough consideration of each project's details, the City holds a responsibility to ensure that discretionary funds are distributed in accordance with all applicable rules and laws to eligible non-profit organizations. These procedures aim to protect the financial well-being of taxpayers and promote the public services provided by non-profit organizations in the City.

For more information, please see our Not-for-Profit Forms.

How can my organization help expedite the City's approval of requisitions for payment purposes?

Find relevant DDC checklists.
It is imperative that your organization submit all of the documents indicated in our checklists. For more information, please see our NFP forms page.

Provide the necessary submissions.
Your organization will need to provide the proper requisition forms with accurate invoices and cleared checks that verify your organization's payments. Without this documentation in place, we will not be able to provide reimbursement.

Match requisitions to the project's original scope.
Requisitions should mirror the scope of items and/or work that the City approved for reimbursement, as delineated in the funding agreement that was approved and signed by your organization and DDC. We will not be able to reimburse your organization for any items that deviate from the agreed upon project scope.

Submit clear and organized documents.
Please remember to submit organized payment requisitions to DDC. This way, we will be able to quickly review your submissions and ultimately clear payments for your reimbursement request.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about the program or about the status of an application?

More information can also be found on the relevant portions of the web sites of elected officials:

If you still have questions about DDC's discretionary funded projects, please contact:

David J. Varoli, Deputy Commissioner/General Counsel 
Phone: (718)391-1721
Email: Purchase Information