Open an Account

Why You Should Open an Account

There are several reasons to open an account. It keeps your money secure and can save you money from check cashing and money wire transfer businesses. It can help you take advantage of tools to manage your money and monitor your spending. And if you are eligible for an IRS tax refund, you can get the payment faster with direct deposit.

If you need help understanding your options or opening an account, speak with an NYC Financial Empowerment Center counselor for free.

NYC SafeStart Account

The NYC SafeStart Account is a savings account for all New Yorkers. Features:

  • NO overdraft fees
  • NO monthly fees, provided minimum balances are met
  • LOW minimum balance requirements ($25 or less)
  • ATM card (No debit card)

Participating NYC SafeStart Account Partners


  • You can open an NYC SafeStart Account at participating bank and credit union branches. 
  • These banks also offer other basic accounts that you can apply online to open. However, these accounts may not have all the features of an NYC SafeStart Account.
NYC SafeStart Account Partners Website Telephone
Carver Federal Savings Bank 718-230-2900
Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union 212-529-8197
Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union 212-740-0900
Popular 800-377-0800
Ridgewood Savings Bank 718-240-4778
Spring Bank 718-879-5000

Additional Banking Options: IDNYC and BankOn Partners

You can also open an account at an institution that accepts IDNYC as a primary form of ID, or opt for a BankOn-certified account with online opening features.

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