Gas Cut Off

Gas service is essential to daily living. It may provide heat, hot water and/or cooking gas to your apartment and the other tenants in your building. Most likely the utility company shut the gas off because an unsafe condition was identified.

The most common reasons for a service disruption are:

  • Gas leaks – Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. Your landlord is required to post a notice about how to identify gas odors and what you should do if you believe there is a gas leak.
  • Illegal gas piping work – It is illegal and dangerous to make changes to a gas system (i.e. installing gas dryers) without obtaining a work permit form DOB. Unpermitted work can result in significant fines for the owner, and a loss of service for an entire building.

These are both unsafe conditions and your safety is our priority. DOB or the Fire Department can refer to the utility company to shut off gas service. Property owners are required to make the needed repairs to restore the gas service for cooking, heat and hot water immediately once any of those services are disrupted.

What happens next...

To restore gas service, the property owner must hire a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP). The LMP will file an application (EWN or LAA) with DOB to do the necessary work so gas service can be restored. The Emergency Work Notification (EWN) and Limited Alteration Applications (LAA) are self-permitted in DOB NOW: Build and do not require DOB review. An EWN is to notify the Department of Buildings that work is taking place in an emergency situation where an issue needs to be addressed right away. It is not a permit. Once the entire scope of work is known, the next step is to file an LAA permit to complete the work. After the work is completed, the LMP must submit a gas authorization request in DOB NOW: Inspections. When the inspection unit grants the request, gas can be restored.

Did your landlord file the DOB application to get the gas restored?

Tenants can track permit applications online through the DOB NOW Public Portal at or the City's Open Data Portal at All permit applications are publicly available and active permits must be posted at the building.

What if my landlord does not file the required permits to restore the gas?

If your landlord does not take the necessary steps to restore gas service, there are actions you can take as a tenant:

  • Contact 311 to request an inspection by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).
  • Notify the 311 Operator of your affected services, i.e. heat, hot water and/or cooking gas. An HPD inspector will come to your home to inspect and issue a violation if warranted.
  • File a Housing Part Action (HP Action) in Housing Court. A judge can order your landlord to make the necessary repairs.
  • Consult a lawyer about your rights so you can fully understand your options. Qualifying households may be able to access free legal services. Call 311; and ask for the City's Tenant Helpline for more information.

How long will it take for my gas to be restored?

The length of time it takes until gas service is restored depends on many factors such as the reason for the gas shut-off, how much repair work needs to be done, how fast the property owner can gain access to the apartments affected, and the property owner’s timely filing of the completed work to DOB..

Additional Resources

  • NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development click Services & Information
  • DOB’s Office of the Tenant Advocate
    (212) 393-2949