Looking to Rent

At DOB, it’s our job is to provide tenants with building information so they can select an apartment that is not only safe, but legal to occupy. Before you sign your lease, you should verify if the building you are interested in can be legally occupied as presented by the owner. Research the history of the building, including violations and permits, and check that required safety measures are present. You can research the building history in the Department's Buildings Information System (BIS).

As you walk through the apartment/room you are considering renting, verify that:

  • the apartment/room has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • the apartment/room has two ways to exit in the case of a fire
  • the room(s) has access to natural light and ventilation – all bedrooms must have a window
  • electricity to the apartment/room is not provided by an extension cord
  • the apartment/room is not locked with a padlock.

Find more information on Important Quality and Safety Issues by visiting the NYC Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) site.

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