Filing through DOB NOW: Build

DOB NOW is a self-service online tool that enables property owners, design professionals, filing representatives, and licensees to do all business with DOB online.

STEP 1: Register for eFiling

  • All stakeholders associated to the filing must register for eFiling before logging into DOB NOW: Build. Once registered, use your eFiling login information to log into DOB NOW: Build.

STEP 2: Login to DOB NOW: Build to Initiate a Job Filing

  • Enter the job filing information. Afterwards the system will generate a job filing number.

STEP 3: Upload Required Documents

  • Upload a PDF of the plan sets and the DPL1 document.

NOTE: The system will determine if additional documents are required based on the job filing information that was entered.

STEP 4: Obtain Attestation

  • Applicant (PE/RA), property owners and other stakeholders must electronically sign the job filing.

STEP 5: Submit Payment

  • Online payments can be made using a credit card, debit card or e-check.

NOTE: Anyone associated to a job filing can submit a payment.

STEP 6: Preview Submission

  • Applicant must review the filing and provide a final electronic signature.

STEP 7: Submit Job Filing

  • Applicant officially submits the job filing to the Department electronically.

STEP 8: Job Filing Review and Approval

  • Department staff reviews the job filing.
  • If objections are issued, the applicant will be able to make corrections in the system and resubmit.
  • If a meeting is required to resolve objections, meetings will be conducted online.
  • The system will send email notification to all associated stakeholder listed on the job filing once the Department has approved the job filing.

STEP 9: Enter and Submit Permit

  • Permit request must be submitted online.
  • Enter data for all required information.
  • All required stakeholders must provide electronic signature.
  • Resolve any civil penalties for Work Without a Permit prior to submittal.
  • Submit the permit request electronically to the Department.

STEP 10: Permit Review and Approval

  • Department staff reviews the permit request.
  • The system will notify associated stakeholders if there are any objections to the request that will need to be resolved.
  • Applicant or contractor will be able to resolve any issues regarding the permit request in the system and resubmit.
  • The system will send email notification to all associated stakeholder listed on the job filing once the permit is issued.

STEP 11: Print Permit

  • Associated stakeholders can log into DOB NOW: Build to print the permit.

NOTE: Anyone can print a copy of the permit on the DOB NOW Portal

Post Permit Activities: Some applications require a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy, and others should simply be signed off when the work has been completed.

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