DOB NOW and eFiling Registration Steps & Tips

DOB NOW Update...

On June 3, 2024, DOB NOW integrated with NYC.IDrequiring all returning and new users to have an NYC.ID account to login to DOB NOW.

New York City is launching single sign-in accounts called NYC.ID for all online services as part of the MyCity initiative.

An eFiling account is used only to access eFiling/eSubmit. For information about the new NYC.ID login process for DOB NOW that launched on Monday, June 3, 2024, view these resources:

Step-by-Step Guides

Video Guides

General Information

NYC.ID & DOB NOW: Overview

All users start at and will be guided through a simple one-time process to:

  • create an NYC.ID, if needed
  • sync their NYC.ID to their DOB NOW login email
  • create a DOB NOW profile (for first time users), and associate licenses, if applicable

Manage Profile or Associate Licenses

To update profile information or associate a license, login at Hover over the profile icon in the top right corner and select Manage/Associate Licenses. From the Account Details page:

  • all users can update phone or mailing address information associated with the Non-Licensee profile.
  • associate a license (if applicable).
  • NYS Licensees (PE/RA/RLA) can add a new business.

Other Account Changes

  • To update your email address, password, and name (Non-Licensees and NYS Licensees only), go to NYC.ID.
  • If you have a DOB-issued license, update your information in BIS by contacting DOB's Licensing Unit.
  • If you have a license issued in DOB NOW, use the Change Name transaction in DOB NOW: Licensing.

 All changes will automatically update in DOB NOW upon the next login. The details will be updated on the Contact information in DOB NOW and the existing filings will also be updated. For more information, see Account Management FAQs and the DOB NOW Account Management presentation.

eFiling Registration Overview

Use eFiling for these types of filings:

  • All filings submitted before September 3, 2019, that were filed in BIS and are still in process.
  • New Building (NB) Applications for Affordable Housing (All other NB filings must be submitted in DOB NOW)
  • Alteration Type 1 (Alt-1) Applications for Affordable Housing
  • Fee deferred filings
  • Alt-1 no work (All other Alt-CO job filings must be submitted in DOB NOW.)
  • BIS job related fees such as: PAA Fees, Records Management Fees, Benchmark Violation Penalty Payment, Filing
  • Fee Balances and AEU Hazardous Violation Penalty Payment.

Also create an eFiling account if you are a new licensee who was approved in DOB NOW: BIS Options or a new Registered Architect, Professional Engineer or Registered Landscape Architect so that you can obtain a PIN for use in DOB NOW: Inspections.

eFiling Registration Steps

Go to the eFiling Registration Form, and fill out the account information. For your eFiling account use the email address you want to associate with your filings and/or that is on record with the Licensing Unit, if applicable.

For Non-Licensees

  1. Select I do not have a license or DOB-issued ID#.
  2. Read the Agreement section and click Submit. You will receive two (2) emails. Your account will not be active until you get the second email.
  3. You must click the link sent in the first email to activate your account.
  4. The second email confirms your enrollment. You can then use your eFiling email and password for eFiling.

For Licensees

  1. Select I have a license or DOB-issued ID#.
  2. Enter your license number and business name in the appropriate section.
  3. Read the Agreement section and click Submit.
  4. You will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Click the link in the email.
  5. Follow the directions in the NYC.ID New Users Guide (Licensees) to submit an authentication form in DOB NOW.
  6. Your license information will be verified in DOB NOW and eFiling, and you will be notified by email when your account is activated. Once you are approved, you can then use your eFiling email and password for eFiling and will receive by email a PIN for DOB NOW: Inspections (if applicable).

eFiling Account Management

If you need to change your account information, such as email, phone, or mailing address, login to eFiling. For more information, see eFiling Account Management FAQs.

More Information

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