Special Inspection Agency (SIA) 
New Registration

STEP 1: Complete Electronic SIA1 Application

  • Access electronic Registration Form and enter agency information. Do not use SIA1 licensing pdf form for initial registration.

  • After completing info, hit the Submit & Print SIA1 Form.

  • Print the SIA1 Application and SIA Cover Sheet by selecting the Print Special Inspection Agency Form button.

  • Review SIA Cover Sheet – Confirm the fee is correct.

  • Complete SIA1 Form:

  • Section 4 – Provide handwritten Social Security Number (PE/ RA Directors ONLY)

  • Section 11 – All Directors must sign, seal and date form (PE/ RA Directors ONLY)

STEP 2: Prepare Payment

  • Pay with check or electronic payment

  • Check/Money Order Option – Complete check for the amount indicated in the SIA cover sheet. Make check payable to NYC Department of Buildings.

  • Electronic payment Option – Special Inspection Agencies can pay their registration fees through our www.nyc.gov/licensepayment. After your online payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from noreply@finance.nyc.gov. The subject description will be Department of Buildings Payment Confirmation.

STEP 3: Gather Supporting Documents (for PE or RA Directors only)

Gather the following forms:
  • Government issued photo ID for Primary Director. Copy of photo ID is required. Acceptable identification includes:

    • State ID

    • Driver’s License

    • Passport

  • Proof of NYC business address or proof of filing with NYS Secretary of State.  Acceptable proof of business address includes:

    • Utility bill – gas, electric, or water; cable or telephone bills will not be accepted

    • Lease (with NYC address)

    • LIC 50 Authorization for Service of Process by Agent (agreement for someone with New York City address to act as an agent of service)

    • NYS Secretary of State business filing

  • NYC Workers Compensation Certificate or waiver. Acceptable proof of workers compensation includes:

    • Submit C-105.2 Certification, or

    • Exemption form

  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance.  Submit the Accord form provided by your insurance provider.

  • Accreditation certificate for Class 1 inspection categories. Acceptable accreditation certificates must be issued by a recognized accrediting body.

STEP 4: Submit SIA Application Package

  • SIA application package includes:

  • SIA Cover Sheet

  • SIA1 Form (signed, sealed and dated)

  • All supporting documents from STEP 3

  • Check/Money Order or copy of confirmation email from noreply@finance.nyc.gov

  • Mail application package to:

NYC Department of Buildings
280 Broadway, 1st Floor
Attn: Licensing & Exams Unit
New York, NY 10007

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