Registrants Project Checklists: Construction Fence

Project Checklists contain project-specific details as they apply to the scope of work of the project to provide compliance with the NYC Construction Codes and other regulations. This section contains a list of tasks to assist with compliance.

Checklists include:

Pre-Permit Checklist

  • Construction Drawings.  Make sure Department-approved drawings clearly convey the project scope and the contracted work reflects the approved and full scope of work.

    If the scope is modified after approval, verify if changes need an amendment – refer to AC Section 28-104
  • Insurance Requirements.  Comply with the insurance requirements for general liability insurance, workers compensation and disability insurance. If necessary, update the general liability insurance when required.

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On-going Project Work Checklist

  • Construction Drawings.  Make sure work conforms to approved drawings. However, minor variations are allowed – see minor variations memorandum. However, certain changes may require an amendment.
  • Scope Modification.  Verify if changes need an amendment per AC 28-104.3
  • Site Safety. The Contractor must maintain their work site in a safe condition during construction and must minimize the risk of accidents and fire.
  • Action Plan for Extreme Weather.  An action plan for extreme weather is required per BB 2013-011.

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Project Completion Close-out Checklist

  • Final Sign-off.  Obtain final sign-off of the completed work.

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