Professional Certification

The Department offers a Professional Certification (Pro Cert) Program which enables Professional Engineers (PE) and Registered Architects (RA) to certify that the plans they file with the Department are in compliance with all applicable laws. This reduces the amount of time a builder normally has to wait for a DOB permit by eliminating the process of Department plan examination and approval.

Applicants who use the Pro Cert Program need to be aware that:

  • Professional Certification must be selected at the time of pre-filing.
  • An application that is Professionally Certified goes through the same pre-filing, payment, and data entry process (see Filing Permit Applications and Acquire Permits. However, if all required documents are present, the application will be approved at the end of data entry.
  • A Professionally Certified application does not go through Department plan examination. The applicant can check the application status by using the Buildings Information System and upon approval, can retrieve the application folder from the Department in order to apply for a permit.
  • Post Approval Amendments (PAAs) to Professionally Certified applications must also be Professionally Certified. Department examination and approval is not available. Twenty percent of all PAAs are also subject to audit once the application's first permit has been issued.

Professional applicants now have the option to file a Site Safety Plan (SSP) for typical façade alterations (restorations) as a Professionally Certified Alteration Type 3 (A3). Non-professional applicants will continue to submit filings to Construction Safety Compliance Plan Examination for review.

*Notable Items:*

  • The Professionally Certified A3 must be filed by a Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, or registered design professional.
  • Any of the existing filing protocols may be used.
  • Professionally Certified A3 filings will not be subject to review by BEST Squad.
  • All standard fees applicable to an A3 filing will apply.
  • Plan content and format shall be in accordance with all applicable sections of Title 28 of the Administrative Code, Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code and with the related rules and regulations of the Department.
  • Random audits of SSP A3 applications will review content.
  • Questions related to the content of SSPs or about this notice are to be directed to the Chief Plan Examiner of Construction Safety Compliance.

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