Obtain a: Journeyman Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Installer Registration

See the Gas Work Qualification page for Full and Limited Gas Work Qualification Registration Criteria and Application Requirements. 

Section 1: Registration Criteria

To register as a Journeyman Plumber or Fire Suppression Piping Installer you must:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old

  • Be able to read, write and understand the English language

  • Be fit to perform the work authorized by the qualification/registration

  • Have good moral character so as to not adversely impact upon fitness to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Journeyman Plumber, Fire Suppression Piping Installer, or Gas Work Qualification Holder

Journeymen Registration

  • Have a progressive understanding, proficiency and competence in the plumbing or fire suppression piping trade, including:

    • A working familiarity with the Code and technical standards and the ability to apply the Code requirements correctly

    • The application of basic plumbing/fire suppression theory and using trade skills on the job site

    • A working knowledge of the tools of the trade and the ability to properly use them

    • An ability to draft simple diagrams and interpret drawings for the plumbing/fire suppression work in which the applicant is engaged

  • Meet the Registration Qualifications (see Section 2)
  • Submit your registration application (see Section 3)

Section 2: Registration Qualifications

Journeyman Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Installer

To obtain a Journeyman Plumber/Fire Suppression Piping Installer you must meet at least one (1) of the following:

  • Have at least Five (5) years of full-time experience* performing plumbing or fire suppression piping under the direct and continuing supervision of a licensed Master Plumber or a licensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor or equivalent, where at least one (1) year of experience was in New York City.

    *NOTE: Qualifying experience must be specifically Plumbing or Fire Suppression. Plumbing experience cannot be used to qualify for the Journeyman Fire Suppression registration, and Fire Suppression experience cannot be used to qualify for the Journeyman Plumber registration.*

  • Have satisfactorily completed a New York State registered training program with one (1) year experience in New York City.

    *NOTE: One (1) year of experience in New York City is required to obtain a Journeyman registration.*

Section 3: Registration Application

Applications for Journeyman Plumber or Journeyman Fire Suppression Piping Contractor must be submitted through DOB NOW: Licensing. To complete your submission you must upload copies of the following documents:

  • Photo Identification (driver’s license, passport or green card)

  • Original Social Security Card

  • DPL1 Form

  • Department of Labor approved apprenticeship/training program certificate

  • Typed notarized affidavits from all past or current employers you have indicated that will attest to your experience and qualification. Affidavits from New York City Licensees must be sealed. Affidavits must include the following information and must be an exact match to what was submitted in your online application:

    • Your job title (Helper, Journeyman, etc.)

    • Name of the company

    • A detailed description of your duties

    • Your employment dates for each licensee you worked with (mm/dd/yyyy format required)

    • Whether your employment was full- or part-time

    • A statement by the licensee that he or she directly supervised you

    • Social Security History of Earnings for the years you are claiming as experience. You must request the report to be run by company name. For more information, visit the Social Security Administration website at http://ssa.gov/online/ssa-7050.html.

    • Child Support Form (mandatory)

    • Registration fee of $50.00 – payable during application submission

*NOTE: Documents must be scanned PDFs, pictures will not be accepted. You must submit only the required document for each category. For example: The Experience Affidavit should just be the Experience Affidavit. Please do not submit a combination of documents as this will result in an application being rejected.

Your registration will not be granted without verification of the above qualifications.

Once your submission has been approved you will be notified via email to make an appointment to pick up your registration/qualification at:

NYC Department of Buildings
Licensing & Exams Unit
280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 10007

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