DOB NOW: Licensing

Launched on November 13, 2018

To register for DOB NOW Licensing, you will need to create a profile in the DOB NOW portal.

Starting November 13, 2018, all new applications, reissuances, and renewals will need to be submitted in DOB NOW: Licensing for the following:

  • Gas Work Qualifications (Full & Limited) *

  • Journeyman Registrations (Plumber & Fire Suppression) **

  • Welder Licenses **

*For more details on the new gas work qualification, refer to the posted Service Update.

** The last day to submit paper applications, renewals, and reissuances for Journeymen Registrations and Welder Licenses is November 2, 2018. (No transactions will occur for Journeymen and Welders between November 2 and 13.)

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Additional license types will be added to DOB NOW in 2019.


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Current Code and rule provisions are applicable in DOB NOW.

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