Project Categories: Renovations - Signs

A sign project involves installation of a new advertising or non-advertising sign or partial demolition, removal, reconfiguration and/or replacement to an existing sign, including:

  • Changes to copy on a non-advertising sign
  • Changes to illumination; and/or
  • Installation or modification of the sign supporting structure such as poles, exterior wall systems, roof systems, etc., other associated materials, or electrical components.

A sign project can be associated with any building type, property use, or ground structure, such as a monopole or dunnage, and includes those that are:

  • Located on a wall (including signs painted on walls), pole, ground structure or roof
  • Projecting from a building wall
  • Rotating
  • Non-illuminated
  • Illuminated with direct, indirect, flashing, or any combination of the preceding.

An accessory use is incidental to and in conjunction with a principal use and is operated and maintained on the same zoning lot.

Refer to Zoning Resolution (ZR) Section 12-10 and BC Appendix H.

Per the Zoning Resolution definition in ZR 12-10, a sign is any letter, word, numeral, picture, emblem, device, symbol, trademark, flag, banner, pennant, or figure that:

  • Is a structure or any part thereof, or is attached to, painted on, or in any other manner represented on a building or other structure;
  • Is used to announce, direct attention to, or advertise; and is visible from outside a building.
  • Is writing, representation or other figures, within a building, only when illuminated and located in a window.

Non-illuminated signs containing solely non-commercial copy with a total surface area not exceeding 12 square feet on any zoning lot, including memorial tablets or signs displayed for the direction or convenience of the public, shall not be subject to the provisions of this Resolution.

A sign, as defined in Building Code (BC) Appendix H Section H102 is any letter, figure, character, mark, plane, point, marquee sign, design, poster, picture, stroke, stripe, line, trademark, reading matter or illuminated service, which is constructed, placed, attached, painted, erected, fastened or manufactured in any manner for the attraction of the public to any place, subject, person, firm, corporation, public performance, article, machine or merchandise which is displayed to the outdoors in any manner.

Sign projects include:

  1. Non-advertising Signs / Accessory Signs
    Non-advertising signs include those defined as accessory, per ZR 12-10, to a use on the same premises, as well as public service announcements supporting not-for-profit organizations.

  2. Advertising Signs
    An advertising sign, per ZR 12-10, directs attention to a business, profession, commodity, service or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered elsewhere to the zoning lot and is not accessory to a zoning lot’s use.

Project Notes:

  • A Certificate of Occupancy could be required for an advertising sign erected on a previously vacant lot.
  • Any work that results in changes to an existing building requiring the issuance of a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy is typically not considered a renovation project and should be submitted as an alteration project.

Project Categories:

  1. Building Systems Installation & Modifications

  2. Renovations

  3. Construction Equipment

  4. Alterations COMING SOON!

  5. Demolition COMING SOON!

  6. New Buildings COMING SOON!

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