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As of August 28, 2017, it is mandatory to submit all antenna filings in DOB NOW: Build.

An antenna is a device that transfers electrical signals across air or wires and can receive, transmit, or broadcast signals to a singular or multiple locations. To maximize signal range, antennas are usually placed at the highest possible height.  In dense urban setting like New York City, they are affixed on rooftops, parapets, facades, bulkheads, and/or interior spaces of buildings and are accompanied by related equipment such as control panels in metal cabinets supported by raised metal platforms. New York City Construction Codes, and Fire Code govern the installation of antennas. The central component of a system of related equipment such as a power source and a generator, system components of an antenna project generally include the following:

  • Antenna/GPS Units
  • Electrical and Cables
  • Cabinets
  • Platform/Dunnage
  • Backup or Standby Generator
  • AC Units Serving Generators only

Scope of Work

Antenna scope of work is for:

  • New Installation – An entirely new system on a property or an additional system that may already have one or more antenna systems.
  • Upgrade/Swap – Modify or change antenna components to either add, upgrade, swap and/or replace existing components.
  • Removal – Removal of any or all antenna system components installed on a property.

Owners and Contractors who illegally install antennas are issued Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations, and may face court appearances, fines and civil penalties. Since an illegal antenna or associated equipment is typically issued multiple violations, costs of correcting such violations can add up quickly.

Project Notes:

Prior to submitting construction documents to the Department, applicants must review existing antenna installations and include details for all existing antenna installations on the property with submission.

Additional Project Guidelines that may apply include: Mechanical Work, Emergency Backup Systems, and Public Right-of-way Encroachments.

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