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Sexual & Reproductive Health

Sexuality is a normal part of growing up and we’re here to help you get the information and healthcare you need. You have the power over your body and your sexuality.

Health Services:
  • Confidential Services: You have the right to confidential sexual and reproductive health services without the knowledge or consent of your parents, foster parents, caseworker or anyone else.
  • Referrals: Your caseworker and foster parents must provide you access to sexual and reproductive health education and to provide you support you need like a referral to a doctor.
  • Services: You have access to health services that includes:
    • Wellness exams
    • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy testing
    • Counseling if you are pregnant
    • Birth control including the “pill” and emergency contraception (Plan B)
    • Prenatal care, (care that supports you when you are pregnant), abortion services
    • HIV testing and treatment, HIV prevention like PrEP and PEP
  • You don’t have to go alone: Going to appointments can make you nervous. If you want, you can request someone to come with you to a sexual and reproductive health appointment. You also may choose to go by yourself without an adult.


  • LGBTQ: If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you have the right to be respected for who you are and be safe in your foster home, at your provider agency, at school and at the doctor’s office. You:
    • Have the right be to addressed by your chosen name and pronoun
    • Use private bathrooms and the restroom you want to use
    • Wear or use clothing or grooming products that reflect your gender
  • Go to for more information.

  • You have the right to be safe in your relationship. Your provider agency should provide you information about healthy relationships, including knowing what it means to give consent. Consent means that all partners verbally agree to participate in each interaction without pressure or violence.

Rights & Expectations:
  • All youth in foster care who are 12-years-old and older must be told of their right to sexual reproductive health services within 30 days of coming to foster care and every 6 months after
  • You have the right to get your case identification number (CIN) so you can access services and resources outside of your foster care agency.
  • You have the right to sexual and reproductive health information that is nurturing, affirming and respectful.
  • If you feel that your rights are not being respected, you can let ACS know by e-mailing

Can’t Get Services?
  • If you feel your foster family, caseworker, or staff member doesn’t give you information or doesn’t help provide you with these services, they could be violating your rights. If this happens, e-mail:

Have Questions?

For Pregnant Teens and New Parents:
The Newborn Home Visiting Program is a service for all mothers - regardless of age or immigration status.

A health worker will visit you at home to provide breastfeeding support and help create a safe and nurturing home for your family. They talk about any concerns and questions you may have, share information, and help you find services your family might need. The visit lasts about an hour.

If you have recently given birth and you are interested, please call 311 and ask about the Newborn Home Visiting Program.

NYC Nurse Family Partnership

NYC Nurse-Family Partnership (NYC NFP) pairs first-time mothers with their own personal nurse, who will provide information, guidance and advice, supporting them to have healthy pregnancies, become knowledgeable and nurturing parents, achieve their own goals-such as continuing their education, developing job skills and giving their children the best possible start in life. There is no cost to the client and it is available regardless of immigration status. Women and girls, up to 28 weeks pregnant, can get more information by visiting or calling 311 and asking for Nurse-Family Partnership.
Adolescent Health Clinics:
NYC Health + Hospitals
If you're 12 or older, NYC Health + Hospitals offers safe and confidential Youth Health services to all adolescents, regardless of ability to pay, immigration status, or sexual orientation. Whether you need a regular check-up, are feeling overwhelmed with school, are in need of birth control, or think you might be pregnant, they can help.

NYC Health + Hospitals provides the following services:

Sexual & Reproductive Health Services

Primary Care Services

Mental Health and Depression Help


Healthy Weight Management

Sports Physical & Sports Injury Care

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center’s unique, New York City-based program delivers comprehensive, integrated medical and mental health services and prevention education to young people aged 10 to 22.

At the Adolescent Health Center, young people can find a wide range of services specially designed for their needs, including:

Primary health care

Counseling, support, mental health and family therapy

Sexual and reproductive health

Dental care

Nutrition, fitness and wellness programs