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Family Enrichment Centers (FEC)

In 2017, The Administration for Children's Services launched three Family Enrichment Centers (FEC). FECs are a family-centered, primary prevention model that provide community-designed supports in a warm, inviting home-like space where neighbors can connect, contribute to their community, find resources, support one another, and build strategies that help families thrive.

Introducing the Family Enrichment Centers!

There are FECs in the following communities, each with a unique name selected by community members:





Staten Island

FECs work with families and local leaders to identify community strengths and develop programs (called "offerings") that promote one or more of seven family protective factors. Five of these family protective factors are based on Strengthening Families, protective factors approach developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. It is currently the most widely used approach in the field, being adopted by more than 40 states around the country in programming designed to prevent child abuse and neglect. This particular approach focuses on five key protective factors that have been associated with lower rates of child abuse and neglect and higher rates of child well-being in the research literature.

A calendar of offerings can be found on each FEC's website. All offerings are designed to promote one or more of seven family protective factors. There is no case management offered and participation is not tracked or monitored by ACS. Providing names, address and other identifying information is optional and not needed in order to participate in or visit an FEC. FEC participation is voluntary and open to all community members.

Resilience - Green logo Everyone needs to be resilient; to have the ability to manage stress and challenges.
Relationships - Dark pink logo of two hands holding one another Everyone needs social connections with friends, family, and neighbors who provide guidance, emotional support, and a helping hand when needed.
Knowledge - blue logo of a plant Parents and caregivers need knowledge of parenting and child development, including parenting skills that support children's learning and development.
Support - purple logo illustration of two hands holding a family of three Everyone needs access to concrete support in times of need, such as financial supports and access to basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.
Communication - Darker orange logo - illustration of three people with speech bubbles over them Parents and Caregivers need to support the social and emotional competence of children by helping children learn skills that allow them to communicate emotions, thoughts, and have healthy relationships.
Economic Mobility - Blue logo of a dollar sign Everyone should be economically stable and have access to educational and career pathways to create a stable foundation for themselves and their family.
Community - Orange logo with an illustration of three people and a heart above them Everyone should have connections to neighbors and nurturing relationships among family members and between parents, caregivers and children.

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