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Important notice on data breaches affecting some HHC patients

Women’s Health

We understand that as a woman, your healthcare needs change throughout your life. All of our facilities have programs that center specifically on women's health needs. Our women’s health program provides comprehensive and advanced care for women.

Labor and Delivery at HHC

Each year, more than 20,000 New York City babies are born in one of our hospitals. Our expert teams provide pregnancy, labor and delivery services for women and newborns.

We take the time to talk to you about delivery options, postpartum and newborn care. We also provide excellent midwifery services. In fact, the midwifery services at Gouverneur Healthcare are recognized across the country for their family-friendly approach. Learn more about obstetrics and gynecology at HHC.

Breast Care at HHC

Each year, we perform more than 70,000 mammograms. Breast cancer treatment is most successful if we diagnose the disease early, so we encourage women to undergo regular screenings. Every May, we conduct a breast cancer awareness campaign, stressing the importance of regular mammograms and early cancer detection. Join our mammogram campaign and dedicate your mammogram to someone special. Learn more about our mammogram campaign.

We use an advanced mammogram system that:

  • Improves physicians' ability to diagnose breast cancer
  • Shortens exam time
  • Maximizes comfort

Women’s Health: Preventive Care

We emphasize preventive care and early detection. Our preventive care includes:

  • Screening for cervical cancer. We perform nearly 180,000 cervical cancer screenings each year, helping us to detect and treat the disease in its early stages. Learn more about Cancer Care.
  • Cardiac diagnostic tests. Regular heart screenings can help you stay healthy. Learn more about Cardiology Services at HHC.
  • Diabetes screening. Talk to us about diabetes screening and management. We can help you improve your quality of life. Learn more about Diabetes Care.

 Women’s Health at HHC: Find a Location

All HHC facilities provide women’s health services. Find an HHC facility near you. We are proud to serve the needs of a diverse population. Learn more about our language and translation services.

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