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Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
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Women's Health

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Women's Health

Lincoln Medical Center provides comprehensive health services to women by a team of highly specialized and caring medical professionals. Our recently renovated Women's Health Center provides patients with the latest medical advances in a modern, family-friendly environment.

Our services include routine gynecology, breast health, family planning, obstetrics, prenatal care, rapid HIV testing and counseling, and a wide array of diagnostic, specialty and treatment services including, ultrasound, cervical and breast cancer screenings (mammography and pap smears), colonoscopy, genetic counseling, women's options, treatment for dysplasia and conditions related to endocrine, urology, hematology/oncology, chemotherapy, treatment of infectious diseases, and high-risk obstetrics.

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)
Lincoln received Breast Center accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons. Lincoln's Breast Center is the only NAPBC accredited Breast Center in New York City and 1 of 5 in New York State.

Family Planning Services
Family planning helps women and couples plan their families. Our high quality services include sexual health education, screening, and testing.

New Labor and Delivery Suite
Lincoln Hospital's new Labor and Delivery Suite offers exceptional obstetric care in a modern, technologically advanced and nurturing environment. The new state-of-the-art birthing suite offers spacious, private and family-friendly rooms equipped with cozy lounge chairs, private bathrooms, flat screen televisions and telephones. In addition to these amenities, the obstetrical services provided have been carefully designed to respond to complex care such as high risk pregnancies and monitoring fetal well-being during the delivery stage.

Fetal Monitoring System
Our new Birthing Suite is equipped with advanced technology, such as a Fetal Monitoring System, which allows physicians' the capability to monitor the fetus' heart rate and other functions throughout pregnancy. During the labor stage, fetal monitoring allows physicians to make timely decisions about the need to perform cesarean sections when needed to prevent in utero injuries.

Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP)
PCAP provides health insurance and comprehensive health care to women and adolescents during pregnancy. Confidential medical care is provided to you during pregnancy, delivery and approximately two months after your baby is born. Your baby may be eligible for health care up to one year after birth. You may qualify for PCAP services even if you have health insurance.

In addition to comprehensive and high-risk prenatal medical services, the program includes social services, nutritional screening and assessments, HIV counseling and testing, pregnancy and parenting education classes, and referrals to other services as necessary. The program has a team of providers who work together to ensure that the prenatal patient becomes familiar with her physician/midwife and pediatrician. This ensures that mother and baby receive the best care available from the moment the pregnancy is confirmed.

Children and Parenting Classes
We offer childbirth and parenting classes to mothers and their partners. The curriculum is designed to provide an all inclusive overview of the birthing process that focuses on childbirth, labor and delivery, midwifery care, newborn care, postpartum care, breastfeeding, nutrition, and parenting.

Women Infant Children (WIC)
The WIC Program provides nutritional supplements to eligible pregnant, post-partum, breastfeeding women, their infants and children up to five years. WIC also offers a series of culturally and linguistically appropriate educational forums on proper nutrition, cooking demonstrations, family exercise programs and breastfeeding programs for mothers.

Domestic Violence Program
Our program offers crisis intervention counseling, psychosocial support, as well as ongoing individual and group counseling. The Department of Social Work conducts domestic violence support groups, which offer women an opportunity to speak with peer counselors or to other women. Education classes are offered that focus on the dynamics of domestic violence and warning signs of an abusive personality and relationships. This program also provides resources on employment, vocational training, parenting issues, legal issues and self-improvement.