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We were busy in 2011 at the Department, launching new safety initiatives, creating new programs and developing a new, faster way of doing business. We issued 8% more construction permits this year than we did in 2010 and we're just shy of the 87,000 NB, alteration and demolition permits issued in 2008.  All this, as construction-related accidents dropped 18% in 2011.

Enjoy our year-end review, which looks back at our major initiatives and consolidates all of the Buildings Bulletins and service notices we issued this year.  We look forward to working with you in 2012. Stay safe!

The NYC Development Hub

We've launched our new, state-of-the-art plan review center to accelerate the construction approval process throughout New York City. 

Get Started at the Hub

Get It Done. Together. Pilot Program

With team reviews and better coordination among City agencies, we approved more projects per hour by as much as 52% which will generate more than $1 billion in economic activity across the City. Lessons learned during this program led to the creation of the NYC Development Hub.  

Read About the Pilot Program

Online After-Hours Variance Renewals

We're now accelerating construction operations by streamlining the submission of 30,000 after-hours variance renewal applications each year. This process should save the construction industry $6 million annually.  

Learn More

eFiling Expanded for LAA Jobs

You can now use eFiling for limited standpipe, sprinkler, plumbing and oil burner work applications, speeding up approvals for more than 12,000 applications annually. This will save the industry an estimated $2.4 million each year.  

Read More

New Deputy Commissioner of Building Development

Fred Mosher, Jr. RA, was appointed to the new role of Deputy Commissioner of Building Development. Among his responsibilities, Fred oversees the NYC Development Hub in Lower Manhattan and is focusing on making the development process easier.

Read the News Release

No-Penalty Inspection Programs

We continued our annual No-Penalty Retaining Wall Inspection and No-Penalty Deck and Porch Inspection programs to encourage owners to keep their properties safe.

Read More on the Retaining Wall Program and the Deck and Porch Program

Combating Illegal Conversions

We're working on multiple fronts to protect New Yorkers from illegal apartments and rooms.  We continued our 11-language educational campaign to help people identify dangers in illegal dwellings. We're also going undercover to keep landlords from renting their illegal apartments and we're part of a Mayoral task force that's using risk analysis to identify these properties.

Learn About the Task Force and See Outreach Photos

Quick Response Codes

We made our construction permits, after-hours variances and Place of Assembly certificates Smartphone-friendly by adding Quick Response codes. Scan a QR code for instant access to information on construction projects across the City.

Learn More

NYC 2011 Electrical Code

Mayor Bloomberg signed the NYC 2011 Electrical Code, ensuring that electrical work requirements will remain up-to-date with evolving safety standards.

Read the News Release and the Electrical Code

Experience Is Not Enough Campaign

Safety equipment saves lives. That's why we created the Experience Is Not Enough campaign to remind workers to protect themselves from falls, no matter how long they've been in construction. Since April, we've distributed more than 12,500 bracelets, banners and posters with the slogan. 

See the Citywide Safety Campaign

Construction Safety Week

We kicked off the seventh annual Construction Safety Week with our new Build Safe│Live Safe conference at New York University. More than 250 people attended this sold-out event, as our experts and industry specialists focused on best practices and innovations in fall prevention.  Keep reading Buildings News for more on CSW 2012!

Learn About Construction Safety Week 2011

Elevator + Escalator Safety Awareness Week

Students at PS 9 Ryer Avenue Elementary School in the Bronx helped us kick off our eighth annual National Elevator Escalator Safety Awareness Week. The Department's Elevators Unit along with the Safety Kat mascot taught second and third graders to ring, relax and wait if they ever get stuck in an elevator. This year, we took our safety message to more than 1,700 students in 11 schools across the City.

Read the News Release and See Photos

Energy Code Training

The Department developed a six-part training program to help professionals become proficient in the new NYC Energy Conservation Code. We also partnered with The Cooper Union to offer a two-day, comprehensive course. 

Use the Energy Code Training Modules

New Website

Easier to use than ever before, our new website consolidates everything you need to begin your project forms, applications, permits and license information. The homepage offers four portals giving direct access to our most important resources: the NYC Development Hub; eFiling; License Search; and Building on My Block, an easy way to learn what's going up or coming down in your neighborhood.

Visit Our New Site


In Lower Manhattan, Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner LiMandri unveiled the prototype of Urban Umbrella - the winner of the urbanSHED International Design Competition. This new design improves storefront visibility and makes it easier for pedestrians to navigate the sidewalk during construction.

Read the News Release and See Photos


We're beautifying New York City one construction site at a time. Thanks to our urbancanvas Design Competition, four new works of art are now available to grace construction fences, sidewalk sheds and scaffoldings.

Read the News Release, View Photos and See the Designs

Cool Roofs

We're making New York City even cooler! We've coordinated the cooling of more than 1.3 million square feet of rooftops citywide this year, with help from more than 1,200 volunteers. By doing this, we're helping NYC achieve the Mayor's PlaNYC goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2030.

See Photos

Junior Architects + Engineers

We've held two semesters of our new educational program for elementary school children. Our experts are visiting classrooms across NYC, teaching students about the construction process and the role the Department plays in keeping New York City safe. Then, classes can tour the Department to see how plans are reviewed and approved.

Learn More and View Photos

Habitat for Humanity

This summer, 20 Department employees, including Commissioner LiMandri and First Deputy Commissioner Thomas Fariello, RA, volunteered for Habitat-NYC, helping build affordable housing for 12 New York City families.

Learn More and See Photos


Service Updates

Code + Zoning Determinations: Electronic Submissions

Winterizing: Site Safety

Cranes + Derricks: Obtaining AHVsApplications Fees and Permits

Benchmarking Vios: Noncompliance

Sustainable Contractors: Expanded

Electrical Firms: Account Statements

Elevator Filings: Fee Calculations and
Quarterly Mailings

Green Roof + Solar:
Filing Tax Abatement Jobs

Boiler Batch Intake: New Form

Simplified Pre-filing +
Applications Processing:

Pilot Program

After-Hours Variances:

Online Renewals

Processing + Payments

Expired Permits + Applications: Reinstatement Fees

Limited Alterations Applications: Filing Fees and Fuel Grade Changes

Eating + Drinking Establishments: Plan Reviews

SBS Waterfront Permits: Unit Relocation

Sidewalk Sheds: Lighting

Hazardous Violations: Re-inspection Fees

Insurance Requirements: General Liability

Queens Construction Inspections: Online Requests

Signs + Sign Structures: Applications

Special Inspection Agencies: Registration

Landmarks: Filing Fees

Asbestos: ASB4 Change

Customer Service: Counter Hours

Adult Establishments: Dates of Establishment

Form Changes:








Class C HMO: Documentation

Buildings Bulletins

2011-026: Fuel Oil Storage

2011-025: Field-Erected Boilers

2011-024: Special Inspection Agencies

2011-023: urbanSHED

2011-022: Cured-in-Place Pipe + Epoxy Spray Pipe Lining Repairs

2011-021: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) in Water Recycling

2011-020: Polypropylene Piping (PP) Systems

2011-019: Retroactive Sprinkler Requirements

2011-018: Elevator Emergency Power + Stretcher Accommodation

2011-017: Superceded by 2011-025

2011-016: Superceded by 2011-019

2011-015: Building Envelopes + NYCECC

2011-014: Industrial Rope Access

2011-013: In-Building Radio Communications

2011-012: Smoke Control Systems

2011-011: Helical Piles

2011-010: Cellar Bathrooms

2011-009: Fabricators

2011-008: Concrete Mix Designs

2011-007: Commercial Dishwashers

2011-006: Heat Pump Water Heaters

2011-005: Superceded by 2011-020

2011-004: Wind Turbine Assemblies

2011-003: Permanent Supportive Housing

2011-002: Mechanical Press Joint Fittings + Piping

2011-001: Fuel Oil for Emergency Generators


2011 Codes Updates

LL 49/11: Building Height +


LL 45/11: Administrative Fees

LL 22/11: Building Height +

CHP Systems

LL 21/11: Cool Roofs

LL 20/11: Building Height +

Solar Panels

LL 01/11: NYC Energy Code

Mayor Bloomberg signed Local Laws 70, 71, 72 and 75 of 2011 on December 27. Keep reading Buildings News in 2012 for update pages!


Did You Know...?

In 2011, the Department of Buildings generated nearly $10 billion worth of economic activity in New York City, thanks to the construction plans we reviewed and work permits we issued.


Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Robert D. LiMandri, Commissioner


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