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Experience Is Not Enough

The Department has developed new editions to the Experience is Not Enough campaign for 2015. Construction workers are reminded to follow safety protocols every time to protect themselves and the public from falling debris.

The multi-lingual campaign emphasizes that no matter how long workers have been in the construction trades and no matter how much experience they have they need to use proper fall protection – such as safety harnesses, guardrails and netting; follow safety procedures to avoid defective extension cords or tripping hazards; maintain clean and orderly job sites; and adhere to site safety regulations that protect the public from hazardous conditions.

Material Fall
Material Fall English
Material Fall Arabic
Material Fall Chinese
Material Fall Haitian Creole
Material Fall Korean
Material Fall Russian
Material Fall Spanish

As part of this initiative, Department inspectors are distributing flyers to educate construction workers about proper fall protection, extension cord safety and good housekeeping.

Extension Cord Safety
 Extension Cord Safety English
Extension Cord Safety Arabic
Extension Cord Safety Chiniese
 Extension Cord Safety Haitian Creole
Extension Cord Safety Korean
 Extension Cord Safety Russian
 Extension Cord Safety Spanish

 Housekeeping English
 Housekeeping Arabic
 Housekeeping Chinese
 Housekeeping Haitian Creole
 Housekeeping Korean
 Housekeeping Russian
 Housekeeping Spanish

Worker Fell
 Worker Fell English
 Worker Fell Arabic
 Worker Fell Chinese
 Worker Fell Korean
 Worker Fell Russian
 Worker Fell Spanish

View posters from previous campaigns:

Fall Protection
 Fall Protection English
 Fall Protection Spanish
 Fall Protection Russian

 C-joists English
 C-joists Spanish
 C-joists Russian
 C-joists Chinese