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New Effective Date for 2014 NYC Construction Codes: December 31, 2014.

Filling-In & Electronically Submitting Forms

The Department of Buildings (DOB) provides "Fill-in" and "Electronic Submisison" forms for your convenience. These forms are not to be altered or changed in any way. Persons that are suspected of altering any forms and submitting them to DOB will be reported to the proper authorities.

In order to use the Department’s fill-in forms, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat. Once you have downloaded and installed Adobe Acrobat, search for forms by topic using the links on the left column of this page. Once you have downloaded the form follow the steps below:

  • Enter information in all fields. Fields that are marked as * are Required. Any forms submitted without these required fields will be immediately rejected
  • Use the Reset button at the end of the page to clear all fields
  • After completing the form, use the Submit button at the end of the page to process the online form 

Below are a few helpful hints about using the forms in Acrobat Reader: 

  • Use the "Magnify + or Magnify -" functions on the toolbar in Acrobat Reader to increase or decrease the size of the form
  • To move from field to field you can press either the TAB or Enter keys to move the cursor or the "hand" icon from one field to the next. You can also use the mouse to click on the next desired field
  • IMPORTANT: Many forms have boxes that must be checked or crossed. Click once over the area with your mouse and the check will appear, click again and it will disappear
  • Some fields cannot be completed using this method including signatures and seals. These fields must be completed by hand once the form is printed
  • Make sure to check all forms for mistakes before and after printing 

If you have problems viewing the files, please check Adobe Acrobat Technical Support web site for assistance.