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PR- 231-11
June 28, 2011


Remarks by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a Public Hearing on Local Laws

“The first of two bills before me today is Introductory Number 64-A, sponsored at the request of the Administration by Council Members Dilan, Gonzalez, Gennaro, Weprin, Jackson, Koo and Ulrich. Introductory Number 64-A updates the current Electrical Code by adopting the 2008 version of the National Electrical Code and makes several technical and administrative amendments to ensure that the Electrical Code remains up to date and focused on the needs of New York City. 

“In 2001, the Department of Buildings committed to updating the Electrical Code and adopted National Electrical Code technical provisions. Local Law 64 of 2001 required that the New York City Electrical Code be updated every three years to ensure that the Code will always be up to date and reflect the latest industry standards. The 2001 Electrical Code has been amended to tailor national standards to the specific needs of New York City’s high-density urban environment twice – in 2003 and in 2006. Introductory Number 64-A is the third and most significant amendment to the 2001 Electrical Code. 

“Two committees were formed with experts in the industry to discuss technical and administrative amendments to the Code. The principal administrative amendments to the Code relate to licensees’ business requirements, enforcement provisions, disciplinary actions and suspension of licenses, and certain rulemaking authority for the Commissioner of the Buildings Department. The main technical amendments to the Electrical Code relate to the transmission of electricity for light, heat, power, signaling, communication, alarm and data transmission. These new provisions will apply to work being performed on or after July 1, 2011. 

“Introductory Number 64-A continues the modernization process we started in 2001 and ensures that New York City’s Electrical Code is regularly updated to recognize and reflect important technical advancements in technology, materials, and industry standards. These updates are essential to not only keep the Code up-to-date, but to create and maintain safe practices for electrical work in New York City. 

“I would like to thank Buildings Commissioner Bob LiMandri and his staff for their work on this bill along with my Office of City Legislative Affairs. I would also like to thank the City Council for approving this legislation. Finally I would like to thank our industry partners. The collaborative effort of the revision process reaffirmed the partnership we have developed between the public and private sectors, which are both dedicated to making New York City a safer place to live, work, and build.”


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