Future of Workers Task Force

On August 15th, Mayor Adams signed Executive Order #22 convening the Future of Workers Task Force. The FWTF will be composed of leaders from New York City’s private, nonprofit, and philanthropic sectors, and is charged with rebooting the city’s approach to talent and workforce development. The task is to develop a framework and action plan that will enable us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Young New York City residents should launch successfully into fulfilling, economically secure careers by the time they are 25 years old;
  • All New Yorkers in paid employment should earn a living wage;
  • Employers should have access to local talent they need to thrive;
  • The demographics of the workforce should match those of the city;
  • Disaggregated data analysis of employment and wage data should show progress in reducing inequity; and
  • Public resources should be efficiently and effectively invested.

The Task Force will build on the findings and recommendations of past task forces, our collective experience and expertise, and all the best practices currently underway. The Task Force is not starting from scratch and the intent is to move to concrete action expeditiously--To Get Stuff Done.

Below are a list of the Future of Workers Taskforce Co-chairs:

  • Felix Matos Rodriguez, The Chancellor of the City University of New York 
  • David Banks, The Chancellor of New York City Public Schools 
  • Carmine Di Sibio, CEO of Ernst & Young
  • Katy Gaul-Stigge, President & CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater New York, and Northern New Jersey
  • Lisette Nieves, President of Fund for the City of New York