Veteran Voices Project

Veteran Voices Project

Collage of Veterans who have participated in the NYC Veterans Voices Project

The Veteran Voices Project (VVP) is an oral history initiative designed to preserve the stories of NYC's Veterans. Listen to full recordings of veterans sharing their stories at our Veterans Voices Project oral history library on SoundCloud and NYC DVS| Veteran Voices Project Series on Artifact.


If you are a New York City veteran who would like to share your story with the Veteran Voices Project, we want to hear from you. Volunteers will reach out via telephone, and through recording technology, you will be able to easily contribute your story to VVP. You do not even need a computer or laptop to participate! Speakers of any language are welcome.

Preserve Your Story

Volunteer: Connect and Listen

VVP is designed to easily capture the stories of New York City veterans 100% remotely. Volunteers will connect with veteran storytellers over the telephone. You will also be equipped with a list of questions to facilitate a great conversation. If you are a fellow veteran, active duty service member, student, military spouse, caregiver, or simply a New Yorker, we need your help to connect VVP with as many New York City veterans, as possible— especially our seniors. It's important we preserve their incredible stories!

Volunteer as an Interviewer

Artifact|NYC DVS Veteran Voices Project

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Christopher Mack took his life in a new direction when he decided to join the Marines. While his mother might have wanted him to choose something different, she couldn't deny the maturity and dedication that her son gained from the marines. Not to mention his multiple degrees, thanks to the GI Bill, and his clear sense of what he wants to work towards in his civilian life.

In this episode, Donna Zephrine discusses her life leading up to her military service, the experience of serving, stationed in Savannah, Georgia and with two overseas tours in Iraq, readjusting to civilian life, and some of the perspective she's gained from serving, as well as advice she has for young people today.

Dylan Cain talks about his decision to join the U.S. Navy, how he ended up in a submarine, the mentors who helped him and the bonds he formed with his fellow members, and the positive impact the experience has had on him.

Oral History Excerpts


Jim McDonough, Executive Director of the Headstrong Project, interviews World War II veteran Nicholas Troianiello on his experience at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Download the Veteran Voices Project: 1940s Transcript for the video below.


Veteran Stanley Goldstein was inspired to serve in the 1950s after his older brothers enlisted in WWII.

"In those days, people with a person in the service had a star in the window. And we had two stars. It was considered a patriotic duty and something to look up to."

Download the Veteran Voices Project: 1950s Transcript for the video below.


During the Vietnam War, Richard Lee Chan's base was bombed so regularly it became known as "Rocket Alley".

Download the Veteran Voices Project: 1960s Transcript for the video below.


Veteran James C Day Jr. discusses being a Black officer in the aftermath of the civil rights movement.

"Being a Black officer, I was more readily accepted in Germany by the German soldiers than by my own."

Download the Veteran Voices Project: 1970s Transcript for the video below.

1980s and 1990s

When he arrived at basic training in the late 1980s, Wilem Wong discovered that he was one of the only Asian Americans in his company.

"Since my name was Wong if I did anything incorrect - 'Oh, what's wrong, Wong.'"

Download the Veteran Voices Project: 1980s and 1990s Transcript for the video below.