Support for Veteran Service Organizations

Support for Veteran Service Organizations

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If you or your organization is interested in supporting New York City's Veteran Service Organizations, please contact DVS at

The following grant is available to non-profits:

The Veterans Nonprofit Capital Grant Program(VCNP) In order to effectively address the continuing need for quality veteran services, New York State made $5 million available within the 2022-2023 NYS Budget and was reappropriated in the 2023-2024 NYS Budget.  Grant funds through the Veterans’ Nonprofit Capital Program (VNCP) will fund eligible nonprofit veterans’ organizations to make capital improvements to facilities that serve veterans.

Click to View Round 2 Request for VCNP Grant Applications (Round 2 RGA) 

The VNCP funding for Round 1 has been awarded and it is currently anticipated that the availability of funding in Round 2 will be no less than $2.4 million. The actual amount to be awarded in Round 2 will be determined prior to the VNCP Application due date of April 19, 2024.  Awards will range between $25,000 and $75,000 to ensure projects and organizations of varying sizes may be funded by VNCP. 

VNCP funds may only be used for a capital project consisting of capital costs including but not limited to (also see Appendix C of the Round 2 RGA): 

  • Construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or expansion of an Eligible Facility;
  • Purchase of equipment for an Eligible Facility, provided the equipment has a useful life of 10 years or more; 
  • Certain construction soft costs including architectural, engineering & design.