Get a For-Hire Vehicle License

In New York City, there are three different types of For-Hire Vehicles – black car, livery, and limousine. All For-Hire Vehicles must be affiliated with a For-Hire Vehicle Base, and it is the base’s class that determines the vehicle’s type. Read on to learn how to apply for a For-Hire Vehicle License.

Only owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles and electric vehicles may apply for a new FHV  vehicle license. Read below to see if you are eligible to apply for a new FHV vehicle license.

UPDATE: Pursuant to a court order obtained by NYTWA, TLC must stop accepting new EV FHV license applications on Monday, November 13, 2023, at 9 a.m. Read the full Industry Notice here.

Are you and your Vehicle Qualified?

  • You may apply for a new FHV vehicle license if you meet one of the following exceptions:
    • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Exception: Owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles may apply for a new FHV vehicle license if their vehicle meets Accessible Vehicle Criteria. For examples of vehicles that meet TLC’s accessible vehicle criteria, approved wheelchair accessible vehicles can be found within the Approved Vehicle List on the Yellow Cab Hack-Up page.
      • PLEASE NOTE: vehicle licenses issued under the wheelchair accessible vehicle exception are restricted for use with only wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you must replace your vehicle at a future date, you must replace your vehicle with another wheelchair accessible vehicle.
    • Electric Vehicle Exception: Owners of electric vehicles may apply for a new FHV vehicle license. Vehicles powered only by a battery are eligible for this exception.  If your vehicle has a gas tank, it is not eligible for the electric vehicle exception (hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are not electric vehicles).
      • TLC will verify if your vehicle is an electric vehicle by using a VIN decoder at the time a base affirmation is submitted. The VIN used on the base affirmation must be the same VIN used throughout the entire application and inspection processes.
      • PLEASE NOTE: vehicle licenses issued under the electric vehicle exception are restricted for use with only electric vehicles. If you must replace your vehicle at a future date, after you have passed the initial inspection and received your decals, you must replace your vehicle with another electric vehicle.
  • The pause on new FHV vehicle licenses does not impact current licensees. Current FHV licensees can continue to operate their vehicles and submit base and vehicle transfers for their existing vehicle license.
  • Luxury limousines must be stretched by a manufacturer-certified stretch limo builder.

Documents Needed

  • Applicant Identification: Government Issued photo I.D. of applicant.
  • Proof of Vehicle Ownership - One of the following in the applicant’s name: Current DMV registration, Bill of Sale, or Leasing Agreement, Certificate of Origin or Certificate of Title (Front and Back). Note: Vehicles licensed outside of NYS must provide DMV registration showing seating capacity.
  • Insurance Certificate - Current For-Hire Insurance Certificate (FH-1) in the applicant’s name.
  • Insurance Certificate of Liability - Current Insurance Certificate of Liability directly from your insurance company showing levels of insurance coverage. Coverage must meet the minimum Insurance Requirements.
  • Partnership, Corporate, or LLC filings (if applicable) - Photo identification and social security numbers of all stock holders or members or managing members, whichever is applicable
    • Partnership
      • Certificate of Partnership
    • Corporations
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • Corporate Minutes listing the names and shares of officers or members
      • An IRS issued CP-575 Notice OR a 147-C letter
    • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
      • Articles of Organization
      • Operation Agreement
      • List of Members
      • Election of officers' forms are not acceptable

*Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - TLC may require documentation from the up-fitter or modifier at any stage of the licensure process.

How to Apply 

    1. Pay any outstanding parking, traffic, and/or TLC tickets.
    2. Your Base must submit a Base Affirmation for your vehicle. Once the affirmation is submitted online, you will receive an email confirming the submission. If you have not received the email confirmation, you will not be able to submit the application and must contact the base.
    3. Gather the following documents and complete the online application using LARS:
      1. The name and TLC license number of the Base to which you will affiliate your vehicle;
      2. Vehicle information (VIN, insurance);
      3. Applicant information (name, address that is not a PO box);
      4. A working and valid email address;
      5. A valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN);
      6. A checking account, debit card, or credit card. If you pay by E-Check, you will not be charged a fee. The City of New York also accepts credit and debit cards, and you will be charged a fee of 2% of the payment amount. The application fee is not refundable.
    4. Submit all required documents using TLC UP within 45 days of making the application payment .
    5. TLC will post your plate letter on TLC UP (if you already have for-hire plates from outside of the NYC, skip to step 7). Once TLC reviews and processes your application, a DMV plate letter will be posted onTLC UP. You will also receive an email with the copy of plate letter.
    6. Take your plate letter/email to a NYS DMV office to receive “TC” (TLC) For-Hire plates and registration.
    7. Notify TLC of your plate by filing the Plate Notification Form found on TLC UP.
    8. TLC will email and post on TLC UP your vehicle inspection appointment date. Visit Vehicle Inspections. webpage for the For-Hire Vehicle inspection requirements.
    9. Bring your vehicle to your scheduled inspection appointment. Once the vehicle passes inspection, your vehicle license will be activated within 48 hours

NOTE: You must complete all steps within forty-five (45) days from the date of your application, or your application will be denied.


Total cost = $550 to $1,425 (non-WAV)
$0 to $875 (WAV only)

  • $550 - two year license (non-wheelchair accessible vehicles only)
  • $75 - if the vehicle has been driven 500 miles or more
  • $800 - CMVT Tax for vehicles registered outside of New York City.

*If you are attaching a SHL to an FHV visit Get a Green Cab License

All TLC fees are non-refundable - no exceptions!

Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Please see the below chart for minimum insurance levels required for your vehicle based on the type of vehicle you own and the vehicle’s seating capacity (as per TLC rules, unless otherwise noted).

Vehicle Type

Seating Capacity

Minimum Insurance Levels


Livery Vehicle & Black Car

1-7 passengers

$100,000 per person
$300,000 per occurrence CSL
$200,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

8-15 passengers

$1.5 Million per occurrence
$200,000 PIP

16-20 passengers

$5 million occurrence
$200,000 PIP

Luxury Limousine

1-7 passengers

$500,000 per person
$1 million per occurrence CSL
$200,000 PIP

8-15 passengers

$1.5 million occurrence
$200,000 PIP

16-20 passengers

$5 million occurrence
$200,000 PIP