Driver Bill of Rights

The Driver Bill of Rights contains information for drivers who lease vehicles and/or medallions on a daily, weekly, or long-term basis. Per TLC Rules, all fleets, agents and taximeter shops must post the Driver Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights consists of two posters: one poster relates to fleet drivers and the other to driver-owned-vehicle (DOV) drivers. All licensed agents, fleets, and meter shops must print, laminate or frame, and post the version(s) of the Bill of Rights most appropriate for their business (for example, agents must post both posters if they lease taxicabs on a daily or weekly basis and also lease medallions to DOVs).

The Bill of Rights must be printed and posted as follows:
  • Printed in color.
  • Each poster must be no smaller than 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.
  • Laminated or framed to protect from damage.
  • Posted in plain sight near the payment window or other area where drivers regularly conduct normal and daily business transactions with the agent, fleet or meter shop.
All agents, fleets and meter shops are required to post the most recently revised Bill of Rights by October 15, 2016. Licensees not in compliance after this date can be issued a summons and a fine up to $500. Any questions about posting the Bill of Rights should be directed to the TLC Driver Protection Unit. Call (718) 391-5539 or email