Policy and External Affairs

The Office of Policy provides administration guidance and spearheads new projects and initiatives within the TLC. They work closely with the Office of the Commissioner to ensure the agency fulfills its mission while monitoring current events in the industry, both in New York City and other cities and countries. Policy manages and conducts large research projects and pilot programs, such as FHV Accessibility and the Flexible Fare Pilot. Policy research focuses on the core areas of TLC’s regulatory power—ensuring safety, accessibility, and accountability—utilizing taxi and for-hire vehicle trip data and administrative data on drivers and vehicles.
The External Affairs (EA) team ensures licensees are up to date on the new projects and initiatives that the Office of Policy spearheads. EA is made up of five staffers who do outreach and communications, and assist with constituent cases. The team interacts directly with about 15 major stakeholder groups, more than 950 bases, and almost 260,000 licensees. About 15 to 20 inquiries typically come in a day from licensees, and staff members try to resolve issues on the first call or point of contact.

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